How Do I Improve My Kissing Skills?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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Ladies, one of the most important elements of romance, at least in my estimation, is the kiss. There is something magical about a meaningful, passionate kiss. Being a dynamite kisser is essential to any relationship, especially in the early stages. A bad kiss is a real turn-off, even for a man who thinks you’re hot. If he kisses you and hates it, he may never want to see you again. Seriously, smooching is something to be taken seriously!

Becoming a better kisser is a lot easier than you might think. It may sound silly, but practice your technique on your forearm. This will help you understand what your guy is feeling when you put your lips on his or French kiss him. Perform a few kissing exercises on yourself to see how it feels when you exert a certain amount of pressure with your tongue or lips. When you’re kissing a guy, ask him if he likes what you’re doing. If he is enjoying your kiss, he will probably tell you. If he takes your kiss in a different direction, follow his lead.

Kissing is a very spontaneous event, and every couple will experience it in their own unique way. Always be sure to maintain your lips with balms and oils so your lips will always be smooth, soft, rosy and kissable. The number one thing to keep in mind about kissing is not to overthink it. Just enjoy it!