How To Make Your Next Kiss Feel Like The First

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How to Make Your Next Kiss Feel Like the First

Adrienne Longhurst
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As warm and fuzzy it may feel to be in a committed relationship with the guy you love, one thing us girls often miss is the butterflies and weak-in-the-knees feeling we got at the start of the relationship. Remember the first kiss you shared? You were sitting there wondering when it might happen, and your heart jumped into your throat every time he so much as leaned in your direction or licked his lips — sigh.

While you can never go backward and be in the throes of new love with that same person again, you can get back some butterflies and make your next kiss feel like the first. Try these tips to help you make it happen.

Go back to where you shared your first kiss.

You may not be able to go back in time, but you sure can go back to the place where it happened. Whether you shared your first kiss in a romantic restaurant or by the Dumpsters outside, going back to the scene of this delicious crime is a great way to get back some of that first kiss magic. You don’t even need to recreate the entire date. Just walk past the place and reminisce about that day. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll both remember how incredible it felt, and sharing a kiss after your little trip down memory lane will feel electric.


“Lean in close and relish in

some soft, slow and lingering kisses.”

Cover your eyes.

I’m not telling you to go all bondage or anything, but blindfolding each other is a great way to kick the butterflies into overload during your next kiss. Being blindfolded not only leaves you vulnerable — something you were when you first let him kiss you — it also heightens the senses and ups the air of mystery around every move you make.

Not knowing when it’s coming or what’s going to happen next helps build anticipation much like in the beginning when things were new and unknown. Use a blindfold, a scarf or even just turn out all the lights so you’re in complete darkness. Lean in close and pucker!

Slow down!

If you think back to the beginning of your relationship, you’ll remember when you were together, you felt you didn’t have a care in the world. It didn’t matter where you had to be or what time you had to be there, nothing was going to stop you from enjoying a little make-out session and kissing those lips that you couldn’t get enough of. What’s different now, other than the lack of butterflies?

It’s how little time you actually spend kissing. After a while, kisses tend to fall from every chance you get to when one of you is coming or going. Slow down and enjoy kissing each other. Lean in close, enjoy the feeling of your bodies being pressed against each other, and relish in some soft, slow and lingering kisses. It’s the small things that will get both your butterflies going wild!