The Forgotten Fun Of Making Out

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The Forgotten Fun of Making Out

Bethany Heinesh
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Back in the day, teenagers used to go to drive-in movie theaters to “park,” which provided the perfect opportunity to engage in a passionate make-out session. Such an encounter included little more than hours and hours of kissing, and if the guy was lucky, a trip to second base.

Generally speaking, drive-ins have almost completely vanished, and it seems the make-out session went with them. Why, I wonder? Making out is hot! In fact, I think making out can be much sexier than sex itself. So, I’m bringin’ sexy back. It’s time couples of the millennium become reacquainted with the fun and fantasy of making out, also known as foreplay, necking or fooling around.

1. It’s not just for teens.

Making out is for adults too, including couples who have been together a while. In fact, making out can rekindle the spark between two people in a long-term relationship who are experiencing a lull in the bedroom. If executed properly, a sizzling hot make-out session can be quite gratifying and provide couples with a break from the usual routine.

On the other hand, if you are with someone new and you haven’t had sex yet, you have the rare chance to enjoy the thrill of making out. The fact that your bodies are still relatively unknown to each other will play a big part in the pleasure and excitement you feel during your intimate time together.

2. Making out can actually be better than sex.

Sex is intended to be an expression of the intimacy felt between two people, a gift of oneself to another. It is not something that should be rushed. If you and your partner have not had sex yet, making out allows you to enjoy physical closeness and communicate your intense feelings for each other without the complications sex can bring. If you are married or in a long-term relationship, making out allows you to pleasure your partner in unique and interesting ways.


“Making out tantalizes the most significant

sexual organ in the human body.”

3. Making out is safe.

There is something to be said for the joy of innocence. Removing the risks of health scares and other consequences can heighten the enjoyment felt by both people while kissing and cuddling. By no longer worrying about the consequences of sex, you can truly get lost in the moment.

4. Making out is not a means to an end.

Sex is about arriving at the big finale and when it comes, no pun intended, it usually ends. A hot and heavy make-out session is about nothing more than being afforded the grand opportunity to completely lose yourself in the bliss of another person’s embrace.

Plus, making out can happen anytime, anywhere. You can do it standing, sitting or lying down. It can be as brief or as long as you wish. This kind of freedom allows for spontaneity and adds a thrilling aspect to those special moments you share with your partner.

5. Making out creates sexual tension.

When you find your partner to be unbelievably ravishing and choose not to well, ravish them, your feelings of arousal will become significantly more intense. Think of it this way — the more we cannot have something we want, the more we want it and that’s hot.

6. Making out awakens your erogenous zones.

In fact, making out tantalizes the most significant sexual organ in the human body — the brain. While some like it rough, a make-out session is usually about soft, slow, sensual movements, which are very arousing and erotic.

Visual stimulation and physical sensations awaken the senses because the nape of your neck, the small of your back, earlobes, nipples and lips are given extra special attention.

When’s the last time you engaged in a full-fledged make-out session? If it’s been a while, it’s time to get your sexy on.