10 Best Sex And Intimacy Coaches Of 2023

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10 Best Sex and Intimacy Coaches of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

Sex: almost everybody does it, and almost everybody hates talking about it. Centuries of various kinds of cultural conditioning have resulted in generations of people who flat-out refuse to talk about sex. Others may be able to talk about it, but are plagued with feelings of shame or guilt. Sex is human nature, yet consistently made taboo.

There is an appropriate time and place to discuss sex, sexuality, and sexual health. There is no appropriate time to feel shameful about something so central to the human experience. Sex and sexuality in their highest form are ways people connect with the inner self, better understand their bodies, and form deeper relationships with others.

Oftentimes, people only confront their sexual selves when issues arise. Sexual dysfunction and interrelational sex problems can cause discord in people’s relationships and within themselves. Personal health relies on healthy sexual health. And when sexual health suffers, so does overall health. 

Sex and intimacy coaches are there for people and couples when they struggle with sexual problems. 

More importantly, sex coaches help all kinds of individuals find empowerment, pleasure, and excitement in their sexual selves, regardless of whether they have experienced dysfunction in their lives. 

Dr. Namita Caen | Irene Fehr | Amy Color | Caitlin V | Keeley Rankin | Camille Bataillon | Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey | Daniela Stevens | Christina Sophie | Shelby Devlin |

Dr. Namita Caen has a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and over two decades of sex coaching experience. This means there’s not much Dr. Namita hasn’t seen. Her practice focuses on somatic sex coaching. Somatic sex coaching is a body-conscious approach to sex coaching. Somatic sex coaches incorporate the entire body into sex coaching.

Dr. Namita helps clients identify their problems and then gives them resources to tackle those problems. She expands her clients’ sexual repertoire, anatomy knowledge, and techniques. She leads clients through somatic practices that allow them to explore pleasure, seduction, and connection.

Dr. Namita helps clients from diverse backgrounds — including tantra-friendly, kink-friendly, poly-friendly, LGBTQ+ affirming, sex-work-friendly, and trauma-informed — deepen their connection with their sexual selves. She offers online and in-person coaching sessions for singles and couples.

Best for: Somatic Sex Coaching

Irene Fehr


Irene Fehr specializes in guiding couples and women in opening their hearts and fighting for intimacy. She works with couples who share love and commitment with each other but are struggling to attain deep connections during sex. Whether libido disparities or busy schedules have put a wedge in the passionate sex life a couple used to help, Irene can help.

Irene has a BA and MA in Philosophy. She holds more than 4,000 hours of coaching experience. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Irene blends Tantric, mindfulness, and movement therapy approaches in her practice.

When Irene works with couples, she develops custom coaching sessions that are highly experiential and transformative. She knows that when sex issues arise between couples, these problems do not solve themselves. Instead, they unravel until the relationship itself is in jeopardy. Irene meets couples where they are and helps them rediscover the passionate sex they once had.

Best for: Couples

Amy Color


Amy Color is an intimacy coach who believes relationships don’t need more work – they need more play. Amy is trained and certified in multiple coaching modalities including Imago, Gottman, PACT, Tantra, and more. She founded her intimacy coaching practice to provide solutions-based alternatives to conventional talk therapy that address intimacy challenges. She sees intimacy as a science that requires practical knowledge and skills to achieve.

Amy’s work is focused on coaching men, yet her client base is diverse. She coaches men, women, and couples and guides her clients through mindful body relaxation and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Amy’s highest goal in intimacy coaching is to guide her clients into feelings of security and connection.

Amy says intimacy is the cornerstone of any relationship. A feeling of closeness with a romantic partner instills people with aliveness and a sense of purpose. If this intimacy is lost, the loss can manifest as withdrawal, depression, overcompensating, and health issues. A lack of intimacy is a serious problem in any relationship, and Amy has all the expertise to help.

Best for: Intimacy Coaching

Caitlin V


Caitlin V wants her clients to see her as their guide in all things intimacy and relationships. Caitlin studied sexuality and public health at Indiana University and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion. She is a sexologist with over a decade of experience.

Caitlin is a multimedia personality, with a YouTube channel and Discovery+ program called “Good Sex.” Her video content was designed to help viewers achieve great sex while being supported by an innovative and sex-positive community. Caitlin also has a diverse list of programs that offer coverage of specialized topics.

Caitlin’s one-on-one coaching gives clients direct access to Caitlin and her team who work with men, women, and couples. Caitlin also offers several online master classes. These master classes cover an array of topics, from overcoming erectile dysfunction to mastering the female orgasm.

Best for: Online Sex Coaching Materials

Keeley Rankin is a sex and relationship coach based in San Francisco. Keeley holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology with a focus on marriage and family therapy from John F. Kennedy University. She’s a Certified Somatica Method Practitioner, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Certified Queer Conscious Educator. Her practice integrates mindfulness and meditation into sex coaching.

Keeley’s specialty is in helping men overcome physical sexual issues while guiding a journey of self-discovery. She helps men become better lovers and develop a higher sense of self-awareness. While she specializes in working with men, Keeley works with all kinds of individuals and couples.

Keeley believes erotic expression is essential in experiencing life to the fullest. She believes all people want to experience incredible and connecting sex. She offers one-on-one coaching in personalized sessions along with online courses for less specialized help. Keeley wants her clients to embrace and enjoy the completeness of their true erotic selves.

Best for: Men

Camille Bataillon is a Clinical Sexologist and sex coach who has studied across multiple countries. Camille earned a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s degree in the sciences of family and sexuality. She has trained in sex and intimacy coaching in the United States, Canada, Belgium, and France. Camille creates a safe and educational space for her clients to explore their erotic selves.

Using a mindful sex approach, Camille offers clients individual and couple’s sex therapy. She is fluent in both English and French. She also offers a wealth of free sex education content through her podcast, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Her podcast, called “Camille Parle Sexe,” gives listeners educated and honest takes on sexuality, human relationships, and intimacy.

Camille works internationally with a diverse group of clients. She works in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Belgium with couples and individuals seeking to connect with their sexual selves. Camille helps her clients find their pleasure paths in intimate rel

Best for: International, Multilingual Coaching

For over 30 years Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey has been helping people of all backgrounds create, improve, and maintain relationships full of great sex and free of shame. Dr. Lori Beth is a gender, sex, and relationship diversity therapist. She is also a sex and intimacy coach and psychologist who is on a mission to create open dialogues about sex, relationships, and self-expression.

Dr. Lori Beth helps her clients live in congruence with their sexuality. She relies not only on her educational and professional background in sex coaching but also on her embodied experience. Dr. Lori Beth has had traumatic sexual and relationship experiences that took her over a decade to heal from. Today, she identifies as a queer polyamorous leatherwoman and has dedicated herself to helping all kinds of people live in congruence with who they are.

Dr. Lori Beth is changing the conversation around sex. She creates a warm, safe, and accepting environment for her clients to fully explore their erotic and sexual selves. No matter her clients’ sexual orientation, gender identity, or kink interest, Dr. Lori Beth is honored to help them experience congruence in their sexuality and relationships.

Best for: LGBTQ+ Folks

Daniela Stevens believes sex and intimacy are about deep connection. Daniela has over 20 years of coaching experience. She is certified with The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as an Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. She also has training in somatic attachment therapy and trauma-informed coaching practices.

Daniela experienced her own share of sexual difficulties. It was a long journey to discover the issue was not her or her body. She said she connected with her sexuality, body, and mind in a way that combated the longstanding and culturally conditioned preconceptions she had about her sexuality. Her own journey to find pleasure inspired her to help others.

Daniela helps couples and individuals find the fullness of their sexual identities. Her practice allows clients to begin to more deeply know themselves, liberate themselves from harmful conditioning around sexuality, and find the divine and sacred within themselves and their partners. Daniela helps couples co-create vibrant and healthy relationships.

Best for: Exploring Sexual Identities

Christina Sophie wants people to start taking pleasure seriously. Christina is a Clinical Sexologist and certified in the somatica method and Sex and Relationship Coaching. She has over 25 years of experience behind her.

Christina specializes in somatic sex coaching. She recognizes that one’s body, sexuality, and life are deeply related to each other. Through sexological bodywork, Christina guides her clients through restorative touch and therapeutic body-centered exercises. Christina integrates medical, psychological, yogic, and spiritual approaches in her practice.

Christina has offerings for couples and individuals. She offers in-person coaching in California and tele-coaching for English-speaking clients anywhere in the world. Clients of Christina uncover their sexual selves to improve themselves and their relationships. Christina is a firm believer in the power of touch and the centrality of sexuality in the lives of humans.

Best for: Clinical Sexology

Shelby Devlin has long been immersed in the world and study of human sexuality. Shelby is a sex and intimacy coach who is certified in the somatica method. She holds a Master’s degree in sexuality studies from San Francisco State University and has immersed herself in the Bay Area’s alternative culture.

Shelby has experience as a fetish boutique sex educator and a speaker on female sexuality. She has published erotica and taught classes about BDSM. Shelby guides her clients in realizing their capacity for sexual connection and intimacy. She takes a nuanced and interdisciplinary approach that regards sexuality as way more than just sex.

Shelby frames sexuality as more than sexual intercourse. Her coaching practice helps singles and couples understand the importance of desire, communication, pleasure, shame, and kinks in sexuality and sexual connection. For Shelby, sexuality is an essential part of the human experience that should be fully explored with openness.

Best for: Kink and BDSM

There are many societal factors that have made sex talk uncomfortable for many Americans. Religious and cultural traditions that promote modesty and abstinence can make discussions about sexuality uncomfortable. Lacking sex education leads to misinformation and confusion. Messaging from the media often frames sex as explicit and inherently embarrassing to discuss.

These modes of cultural conditioning can have serious impacts on the mind, body, and spirit. When the sexual self suffers, the whole self suffers. Sex coaches are not exclusively for those who are struggling with sexuality. Sex coaches can help all individuals, regardless of their attitudes toward sexuality, find meaning and consonance in their sexual and erotic selves.