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How to Make Love: Sex Tips for Women

Sam Stieler
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Sex is a delicate topic. If you want to know how to please your man beyond all reason, and if you aren’t scared of a little “real talk,” then read on and learn why most sex tips for women never seem to deliver the goods.

Your pleasure = his pleasure.

What do men want most between the sheets?

  • Is it a woman who has read every Cosmo article on how to please her man? Wrong.
  • How about a woman who knows every little tip on how to become a bedroom ninja? Also wrong.
  • Then men must want a woman who only considers her man’s pleasure? Not even close.

In fact, the opposite is true. What really drives men crazy, what really makes the sort of sexual imprint a man won’t ever forget, what practically addicts a man to sex isn’t a woman who gives to him, but rather a woman who responds to him.


“Nothing will drive your man crazier than

seeing you completely let yourself go with him.”

You need to learn to orgasm during sex.

Two points of clarification before we proceed:

  1. Orgasm isn’t the only important element of sex.
  2. There exists a truly unfortunate number of women who are currently unable to experience orgasms during sex.

With these caveats in mind, here’s my thesis: You won’t be able to truly lose yourself in pleasure and become the sort of responsive sexual partner that drives your man out of his mind if you’re unable to genuinely experience an orgasm with him.

If you are unable to experience an orgasm with your man, then you will always run into a wall and pull back from the pleasure you’re sharing with him.

Can you have good, maybe even great, sex without learning to orgasm with your man? Of course.

But you will never become his “once in a lifetime” lover until you learn to go over the edge and give yourself fully with him.

Your orgasm is your responsibility.

Lots of men perform totally incompetently in bed. I’m writing this article with the assumption that you have the sense to only get into relationships with men who are at least a little sexually evolved, who have the basic motor functions necessary to produce a female orgasm, and who have the personal desire to provide you with your share of pleasure.

Assuming you’re with a man who gives a damn, the rest of the work is up to you, and the following sequence provides a good starting point for your explorations.

First, you need to make sure you can orgasm on your own. Once you are able to orgasm on your own, your next goal is to orgasm in the presence of your man.

This is a slow, gradual process and one that sounds like it may be more trouble than it’s worth, especially since faking responsiveness isn’t particularly hard for many women.

But learning how to orgasm with your man is an essential step toward being able to develop deep responsiveness to him, and while more frivolous sex tips for women can be great and add a nice twist to any already pleasurable love making session, nothing will drive your man crazier than seeing you completely let yourself go with him.