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Matchmakers Uses Classic Matchmaking and Psychology to Help Singles Connect

Suzanne Wentley

Written by: Suzanne Wentley

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The Short Version: Many singles struggle with past trauma or current challenges that make it difficult to find meaningful long-term relationships. Connecting with a certified psychologist can make a big difference, which is why Best Matchmaking developed a process that starts with a practical psychologist. The Matchmaking Services is an integral complement to the Slavic matrimonial agency to help clients find love anywhere in the world.

Mental health awareness is growing more important as people learn to focus on their own happiness within a relationship. But not every couple recognizes the benefits of counseling. Relationship-focused therapy can be an essential component to ensure enjoyable dating experiences.

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1matching helps members understand relationships and themselves before connecting.

Therapy offers couples many benefits, and it even allows singles to talk about their feelings even before a relationship begins. Perhaps they are struggling with lessons learned from previous relationships and fear that those problems will come up again. Instead of discussing the past with a friend, it’s healthier and more effective to speak to a certified psychologist.

Singles looking for a meaningful, long-lasting relationship receive counseling before the first match through Best Matchmaking’s innovative new service at Matchmaking Services.

“We provide you with the counseling and guidance of an expert relationship psychologist.
Most people think they may only need a psychologist to deal with past problems or pain. That’s not exactly true,” said Katrina El, CEO and Founder of Best Matchmaking. “A psychologist can help you in different phases of your life, including dating.”

Relationship counseling helps people form stronger, more intimate connections. They can also enjoy personal growth and self-awareness, making it easier for them to know if a relationship is working. The better their sense of boundaries and self-confidence, the less likely they’ll want to tolerate a situation that doesn’t feel right.

All Matches Start with a Psychology Session

Katrina said the new 1matching service provides a powerful foundation to help singles prepare to open their hearts to potential partners. It also helps that every person clients match with has gone through the process. That means singles can trust that their matches don’t have lurking problems that they’ve never addressed.

“I believe 1matching is different from the rest of matchmaking sites because we are the only company that provides customers with counseling and guidance of an expert relationship psychologist,” Katrina said.

Skill development is another benefit of therapy. That’s because not everyone has a role model in their lives to demonstrate what happy, supportive, and caring romantic relationships look like.

1matching has a team of highly trained psychologists, relationship counselors, and dating coaches who help clients as they search for long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. Sometimes, singles need to find closure and release past trauma before moving forward.

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Singles enjoy the 1matching experience because it can help them build healthier relationships.

“Practical psychologist sessions come along with the matchmaking process and help customers overcome any barriers that prevent them from building up healthy relationships,” Katrina told us. “No other matchmakers in America do that.”

Lonely, confused singles often turn to their friends for advice on their romantic lives. While friends can be loving and well-meaning, they don’t always know the latest research and relationship dynamics. Working directly with a trained professional helps singles connect with the science they need to build a successful relationship with someone.

That work is essential for both men and women, and 1matching members can come into a new experience fresh and prepared, Katrina said.

Offering Services Throughout the Globe

Best Matchmaking, a Slavic matrimonial agency devoted to helping people meet and marry, is based in the United States. The agency was founded in 2008 and has a success rate higher than 90%.

Its services, including 1matching, are available for singles throughout the globe. The matchmaking work is traditional, but the psychological component is modern and practical.

Photo of Best Matchmaking CEO and Founder Katrina El
Katrina El, CEO and Founder of Best Matchmaking, spoke with us about the 1matching process.

“It’s classical matchmaking, but what makes 1matching different from the others is that every customer gets consulted by a certified psychologist along with the matchmaking process,” Katrina said.

Clients go through 10 sessions with a professional relationship psychologist to help them understand what it takes to find someone compatible and maintain a healthy relationship. If clients would like to continue working with the counselor, they can upgrade their membership with the agency.

Prospective clients start by scheduling an interview with a professional matchmaker at a time that is convenient to them. That makes it easier for the matchmakers to learn about the different personality traits and values that singles may find difficult to express through online dating profiles. Prospective members can expect the initial call to include a discussion about emotional availability, body language, and physical appearance.

Some of those interviews use online video conferencing tools, including Skype or WhatsApp, to comply with the latest COVID-19 health regulations.

After the psychological sessions and interview, 1matching presents clients with a carefully curated selection of profiles. Singles can review those potential matches with a counselor to discuss what they are looking for in a partner. If someone looks attractive, they can schedule a date. Afterward, the counselor is available to discuss how it went and answer any questions.

1matching: Science-Based Tools for Successful Relationships

Singles must be honest throughout the entire counseling experience for the process to be worth their time. Therapy isn’t always easy, but singles can be sure that no personal information will be shared with anyone — including any potential matches.

Best Matchmaking always verifies information before hiring specific therapists. For example, the company checks the name and contact details, the level of education, and the licensure of each professional it employs. That ensures its team of professional matchmakers and therapists are trustworthy and effective.

Prices for the matchmaking program start at $5,000. And many of 1matching’s clients are more than pleased with their membership and share their experiences in online testimonials.

“I think therapy specifically focused on dating and relationships makes a lot of sense. Right now, it feels very much like therapy that would be available in America,” wrote Brian King, a client, in an online testimonial. “If I were dating someone currently and discussing my emotional responses or expectations, the value added would probably be more tangible to me. All in all, glad I did it.”

The matchmaker also offers an informative and fun blog that can provide more practical advice to clients. For example, the blog includes a video series that describes the five distinct stages of a relationship that many people experience. The first focuses on merging and infatuation, and the second highlights the doubt and denial stages. The third stage is disillusionment, decision, and hopefully, wholehearted love.

“The matchmaking team, based in several locations around the world, brings a sincere passion for improving the quality of life of our clients. The solitary goal is always to see them happy,” Katrina said.