New Method Wellness Helps Daters Maintain Good Mental Health

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New Method Wellness Gives Daters the Tools to Beat Addiction & Maintain Good Mental Health

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: New Method Wellness is a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center that embraces holistic therapy, counseling, and wellness programs. The Southern California treatment facility supports an individualized path to recovery and invites the client’s partners, family members, and friends to join the healing process. By sharing healthy coping and communication strategies, New Method Wellness can offer guidance on how to balance dating, relationships, and life in recovery.

The last year has been a difficult one from just about any standpoint. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a public health crisis that strained industries, stalled economies, and put undue pressure on personal relationships.

It’s been especially hard for people already dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, or other mental health issues.

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New Method Wellness provides resources for establishing good mental health.

Fortunately, New Method Wellness has the expertise and resources to help individuals and their families recover. The Southern California facility maintains a 2:1 ratio between staff members and clients to ensure its treatment programs are personalized and effective.

New Method Wellness established its first rehabilitation center in 2006. From residential treatment to extended aftercare, the team has used a variety of evidence-based practices to support people in addiction recovery.

The clinicians, counselors, and mental health experts at New Method Wellness give clients the tools to be happy with themselves and connect with others in constructive ways. The treatment programs focus on personal growth to prepare individuals to tackle all sorts of personal challenges. You can take a video tour of New Method Wellness to learn more.

By taking a holistic approach to treatment, New Method Wellness has inspired thousands of individuals and their loved ones to make positive changes in their lives and prioritize good mental health with every word, action, and decision.

“New Method Wellness has always focused on the health of the family system,” said Juanita Wells, Director of Clinical Development. “We offer support groups, private therapy, and family programming for the loved ones of all our clients. When we heal together, we heal best!”

Facing Challenges With Determination & Positivity

New Method Wellness has the designation of an essential service, so its treatment facility has been able to stay open for in-person care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The team follows public health guidelines and prioritizes the needs of people in recovery.

Looking to the future, the New Method Wellness team seeks to further its positive influence by connecting current clients and families with alumni members who have been through similar life experiences.

“With every year we build a stronger alumnus base offering more and more resources for the current milieu of clients,” Juanita told us. “One of our chief objectives for 2021 will be to help create stronger connections amongst our graduates allowing for them to have more routine contact with one another post-discharge.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, New Method Wellness began hosting virtual support groups on Zoom to show people they weren’t alone. Clients and graduates came together to share their stories and find common ground despite living all over the world. These dynamic meetings have proven popular and effective, so clients are likely to see more of them in future, even post-pandemic.

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Holistic treatment programs address mental, emotional, and physical aspects of addiction.

New Method Wellness distinguishes itself from other recovery treatment centers with its holistic and innovative services, including yoga therapy, massage therapy, surf therapy, and music therapy.

Music therapy provides a creative outlet that encourages people to express themselves, work through their emotions, and find joy in life. Music therapist Kenzi Ruther, MT-BC, runs the music therapy program at New Method Wellness. This dynamic treatment can act as a welcome distraction and bring greater harmony to anyone in recovery.

Additionally, upon entering treatment, clients receive an MP3 player with their favorite music titles already downloaded, so they can stay connected to songs that inspire and energize them.

“Our goal is to foster long-term sobriety,” Juanita said. “All our clients learn the importance of having a life worth living. Enjoy freedom from addiction and find passion and purpose in everything you do.”

Guidance on Family Issues & Dating in Recovery

Everyone faced different hurdles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples ran into conflict while under lockdown and couldn’t escape their shared space to decompress on their own. Meanwhile many single adults struggled with their mental health while in isolation from friends and family members.

High-stress environments like these can nurture unhealthy habits and exacerbate addiction issues. But New Method Wellness fights back by promoting healthy strategies and sending an empowering message in the Sober Living Blog.

New Method Wellness can offer sound guidance on everything from restoring past relationships to forging new dating experiences.

Knowing how to talk about addiction recovery is one of the trickiest aspects of dating someone new. It can be a lot to unpack on a first date, and the conversation could scare a potential love interest away. We recommend daters mention being sober without getting into the details until the relationship becomes more serious.

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New Method Wellness teaches individuals to tackle personal issues one step at a time.

New Method Wellness encourages individuals to be kind to themselves and share their story when they feel ready to be authentic and move forward.

“Get to know someone’s character, interests, goals,” Juanita advised. “There is plenty of time to talk and share about the more personal areas of your life as the relationship develops.”

The mental health experts at New Method Wellness urge people in recovery to take things in the dating world slow and make sure they are happy with themselves before seeking happiness with a romantic partner. A relationship isn’t an automatic fix-it for mental health challenges. In fact, sometimes it can exacerbate issues if it comes too soon in the healing process.

“Dating when you’re truly ready is a beautiful experience,” Juanita said. “But when you’re not ready, it often adds to anxiety or depression and increases your risk of relapse.”

The journey toward recovery is just that — a journey, and it happens one step at a time. Maybe the first step is reading an article on the Sober Living blog or talking to a friend or family member about what you’re going through. New Method Wellness can offer steadfast support, science-based resources, and uplifting advice for anyone battling addiction, depression, and other mental health challenges.

New Method Wellness Clears a Path Forward

The New Method Wellness team works with the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — to foster long-term recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Its multifaceted treatment programs can meet individual needs, and expert-led support groups can offer clients and loved ones a united front for overcoming addiction.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, New Method Wellness has been a lifeline for dating and married people searching for stability and wisdom in a chaotic world. Its resources help people in recovery navigate personal challenges and maintain good mental health every step of the way.

“At New Method Wellness, we focus on feeling whole and addressing your mental health before entering the dating world,” Juanita said. “Learn to love and accept yourself. Give yourself time, focus on your recovery, and keep moving forward.”