Are There Dating Sites Where Senior Men are More Friendly?

Kara Pound Kara Pound

Reader Question: Are there any dating sites for those of us over 60 where men are more friendly than not? I have not had trouble meeting men in person once we go through the trauma of getting to know each other. But just getting to that point is very frustrating, and I hate to put money out there for nothing! If I take the time to write a nice email, I never get an answer back. Men – What is the matter with you all??

Sally J.

Jeffersonville, Ind.

Expert’s Answer:

Oh, Sally. It sounds like you’re a bit jaded by the online dating world. Don’t give up! There’s plenty of cyber “space” for all of us. I’m not sure what sites you’ve tried, but there are quite a few to choose from for women over 60. Check out SilverSingles,, and, which has an entire dating advice section for singles over 60.

You might not want to hear this, but maybe it’s not the dating site that needs improvement – maybe it’s your approach. How lengthy are these “nice emails” you’re taking the time to write? Keep them under 200 words. If you have more than that to say, then offer a phone date or one-on-one chat.

Also, are you super eager when it comes to communication? That might be scaring men away. Remember that getting back into dating is intimidating for a lot of seniors because they don’t want to feel rushed or overwhelmed. Take it slow, enjoy the ride and keep an open mind.

Sally, you’ll find the perfect guy for you. It just might take some time, effort and a few dollars for a membership fee.

Let us know how it turns out,