First Date Ideas For Senior Women

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First Date Ideas for Senior Women

Kara Pound
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American author and humorist, Mark Twain, once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” What Twain meant is that age is only a number and doesn’t determine how young or old you feel. Take dating for example. There’s no rule saying you shouldn’t date past a certain age. Look at Hugh Hefner. The octogenarian hasn’t slowed down his libido one bit, even going as far as dating numerous women at once.

But for regular people without a mansion featuring a turnstile of suitable partners, how does the older population (i.e. 50+) traverse the murky waters of the dating world? And when a possible partner is finally found, what are some great first date ideas? For this article, we look at first date possibilities when the woman is calling the shots.

1. The movies.

No matter your age, going to the movies is a great first date. It requires little to no conversation, and you get to eat candy and sip on soda. What could be better? If you’re feeling a connection during the film, you can always offer a post-movie coffee or glass of wine to discuss the storyline, plot and character development.

2. Bridge, Scrabble or the like.

Board games and card games are a great first date because you’re interacting with an instant icebreaker. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for awkward lulls in conversation or wondering what the other person is thinking about. Just make sure it’s a game you both know how to play and both enjoy.

3. Plays, musicals or the opera.

Live entertainment is kind of like going to the movies. You’re not supposed to talk during it, and the focus is on the stage rather than on you. But remember, choose something light and fun. A play about politics or an opera about religion isn’t a good idea for a first date — neither is your granddaughter’s third grade clarinet recital.

4. A museum or art gallery.

Unlike sitting in the same seat for two hours, having a date at a museum or art gallery requires interaction, such as walking around the exhibition space and talking about the different artworks. If you’re comfortable in this setting, then a stroll with Picasso, Klimt and Dali is a great first date idea.

5. Group dates.

If you’re not comfortable with a one-on-one first date yet, then ask your friends to help support you on a group date. Say you’ve been eyeing your neighbor but haven’t had the guts to ask him out. Instead, just casually invite him to come along with you and your friends to a wine tasting or charity auction.

Whether it’s because of divorce or death, dating later in life can be nerve-racking and a bit intimidating. Once you’ve established that a date will take place, it’s time to establish a perfect first date. Try the movies or an opera. Go see a museum exhibit or plan a competitive game of Scrabble. Whatever you decide, just remember to be yourself.