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Enjoy a Healthy Date at Just BE Kitchen

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Choosing a good restaurant for a date is always tricky, especially when you or your partner has a dietary restriction. Couples in the Denver area with dietary concerns can find a warm welcome at Just BE Kitchen. The restaurant aims to nourish guests with food that is free of major allergens and is compliant with vegan and gluten-free diets. At Just BE Kitchen, couples can enjoy their dates without worrying about their food.

Going out for drinks or dinner should be a fun, carefree experience for couples and singles alike. But for those with dietary restrictions or health concerns, the experience can be stressful. Individuals with limited diets often worry about seeming high-maintenance or picky on a first date. No one wants to end up in a situation where their options are either to go hungry or feel sick. At the same time, it can feel embarrassing to severely limit the restaurant choices for your partner, leaving them with foods that they won’t enjoy, because you have food restrictions. In some cases, the difficulty of navigating dietary restrictions on dates leads individuals who have them to avoid dating altogether.

Luckily, the Just BE Kitchen team is dedicated to making sure that eating out is never a stressful experience, even for those with severe food restrictions. Located in Denver, Colorado, the fast-casual restaurant serves food that is entirely free of gluten, grain, refined sugar, dairy, soy, corn and peanut. For those on voluntary diets, Just BE Kitchen offers PALEO, Whole30, KETO & AIP friendly comfort food. 

At Just BE Kitchen, guests never have to sacrifice quality to meet their physical needs and restrictions. They can enjoy a wide variety of tasty dishes that are in line with their dietary needs and desires. Plenty of healthy food options makes it easier for those with restrictions to relax and be themselves on dates. They can stay in the moment and focus on having a great time.

The restaurant team considers itself a conscious kitchen. “What we mean by conscious food is that we are a 100% scratch kitchen that doesn’t have any additives, chemicals, added sugars, or processed foods,” Jennifer Peters, owner of Just BE Kitchen, told our team. “We also only use Olive and Coconut oils – which is pretty uncommon. We definitely attract individuals with food allergies, but we also attract athletes, high-performance players, and anyone seeking to be a better version of themselves.”

Safe Foods for Any Partner

People without many dietary restrictions often struggle to imagine the constant stress that those with allergies and heavy diets feel regularly. Those with limited food options have to think about their food choices wherever they go: friends’ homes, family dinners, and of course, romantic dates. They often have to bring their own food to group meals, so they can have something safe for them to eat while spending time with those who are important to them. 

It can be anxiety-inducing for singles to disclose their diet restrictions with a first date. The experience can make dating — a somewhat nerve-wracking experience in itself — all the more uncomfortable. 

Just BE Kitchen offers a safe and comfortable environment for almost every food restriction. Its status as a gluten-free, grain-free, refined-sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, and peanut-free restaurant eliminates most major allergens for guests with diet-related health conditions. And Just BE’s menu is 99% dairy free, which gets rid of a major source of inflammation and intolerance for many people. For those with restrictions on meat and animal products, its substantial menu includes several clearly marked vegan and vegetarian options. 

plates of food
At Just BE Kitchen, patrons can find healthy foods that taste fantastic.

Taking your new partner on a date where they can’t safely eat anything is a quick way to start the night in the wrong direction. But with Just BE Kitchen, you can ensure that your partner will enjoy their meal, and even feel touched that you were thoughtful enough to take them to such an inclusive place.

“We have had letters, emails, and individuals coming up to us with tears in their eyes all thanking us for providing a space where they can enjoy a date without worry[ing] about getting sick or feeling nervous,” Jennifer said. “Someone told me that we changed his dating life because he could finally come somewhere that he wasn’t nervous about eating with his date!”

Whether you or your partner has a food restriction, Just BE Kitchen will make you feel welcome. You’ll have more energy to focus on enjoying your time with your date instead of worrying about your food.

Compassionate Service in a Supportive Environment

Just BE was created to give its patrons a place where they could get safe and healthy foods that they enjoy, so it follows that its staff is committed to making sure guests have the best possible experience. “Our team is compassionate, knowledgeable, and helps others feel safe and nourished!” Jennifer said. 

The staff at Just BE Kitchen is passionate about creating excellent and conscious food that keeps patrons coming back.

Jennifer and her team believe that by nourishing your body with the best possible ingredients and being mindful about what you eat, you can reach your highest potential. For some, that may mean recovering from a long workout with Just BE’s Unity the FULFILLED Burrito and and a TEMPTATION Chocolate Bread Pudding for dessert. For others, that may mean sharing the COZY Chicken and Dumplings with your date as an appetizer, and laughing all through your Passion curry dinner. The excellent whole foods you can find at Just BE Kitchen give you the nutrients you need to put your all into any endeavor, be it athletic, social, or even mental.

front register of restaurant
The restaurant offers a warm atmosphere that makes it perfect for a date.

The team at Just BE makes sure that the mindful energy they create expands into not only the food at the kitchen, but the physical environment of the restaurant. “For couples that are not sensitive to any food nor have allergies, we’ve heard that they love coming to us because it’s a space that makes them feel joyful and mindful – we have spiritual quotes all over all walls – and they just love the vibe that it brings to them,” Jennifer said. 

Couples have many different reasons for loving Just BE Kitchen, but the positive and safe environment its team creates is often at the top of the list.

Just BE Kitchen Offers Quality Options

With Just BE Kitchen, going out to eat on dates can finally be a fun, stress-free experience, even for those who have stringent dietary restrictions. Whether a couple is on their first date or their 100th, they can feel comfortable grabbing a bite at Just BE Kitchen.

“We had a couple who had their anniversary dinner here, and they said they hadn’t had their anniversary celebration outside of their home since her diagnosis as a celiac,” Jennifer said. “They were so excited! We get things like that all the time.” Just BE Kitchen’s inclusive and mindful dining experience is changing the lives of people with food restrictions all over the Denver area.

Check out Just BE Kitchen for quality ingredients that taste great.

The positive energy at Just BE Kitchen is palpable. The bright and friendly space is perfect for any couple looking to enjoy some time together. Additionally, it has a wonderful outdoor space. “Couples with fur babies love coming to us because we are so dog friendly on our patio!” Jennifer said.

Just BE offers a tasty and comfortable option for anyone who is interested in eating cleaner or supporting someone in their life who has limited food options. “We aren’t just for individuals that want BEtter-for-you food,” Jennifer said. “We have a ton of people who come to us because their partner or spouse has a food allergy, but they end up loving it just as much because the food is delicious! It’s a place to feel nourished and cared for!”