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MySingleFriend: Making Profile Writing Easy Since 2004

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TL;DR: Writing a decent dating profile can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! As one of the most popular dating sites in the U.K., MySingleFriend allows the people who know you best to do the hard work for you.

When you start to make a dating profile, what do you say about yourself? “I’m the best person ever. Please date me?” If only it were that easy.

There’s a lot of pressure to say the right things, but there’s one site that is guaranteed to make your dating life a whole lot easier:

By letting your friends help you write the profile of your dreams, MySingleFriend is one of the most unique dating sites out there.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary and touting more than 200,000 active users a month, you truly can’t go wrong with this site.

Why MySingleFriend works

As a successful matchmaker, MySingleFriend Founder Sarah Beeny knows how important it is to get outside opinions when writing a profile and searching for a date.

MySingleFriend is free to join, make recommendations and browse singles, but in order to message potential matches, you do need to subscribe. However, MySingleFriend keeps their rates as low as possible at £28 a month.

The great thing about the site is it gives people the platform to act as a virtual wingman for their friends, with the ability to write descriptions and suggest possible matches. The option for friends to veto incompatible singles will be available later this year.

Users also can sign up themselves and have their friends contribute to the profile later.

Why MySingleFriend works

MySingleFriend Founder Sarah Beeny

Having friends submit funny stories and memories means they play a large role in the dating process, which gives MySingleFriend a more honest and encouraging atmosphere than other serious and pressure-filled dating sites.

“Getting your friends involved makes it more fun and sociable and less daunting,” Beeny said. “Friends write very honest profiles and don’t hold back about the best and worst traits of their single friends.”

Marketing Executive Danielle Gould added the site also provides people who aren’t wordsmiths with a new way to describe themselves.

“Your friend is more likely to add a bit of humor to the profile, whereas trying to write it yourself  – your mind just goes blank and it’s hard to describe yourself,” Gould said. “Your friend can sell you a lot easier than you can sell yourself.”

Not just a dating site but a community

MySingleFriend’s mission isn’t to be another dating site that just floats on by. Its team is passionate about providing users with a safe and supportive community, as well as banishing the stigma associated with online dating and having a positive effect on the industry.

Not only is MySingleFriend a member of the Online Dating Association, but its dedicated customer service team reviews and approves every dating profile and responds to every email.

And the proof that MySingleFriend is making an impact? Just check out the hundreds, if not thousands, of success stories on the site from singles, friends, couples and more.

Not just a dating site but a community

MySingleFriend is the first site to let your friends contribute to your dating profile.


“We hear stories of people getting together over a glass of wine writing up profiles,” Gould said. “People put a lot of thought and effort into it. There’s a lot of warmth and compassion there when writing a profile.”

So if you’re still struggling to meet that special someone on your own, give MySingleFriend a try today. According to Beeny, you won’t regret it.

“Good things happen to people who take risks – If you sit at home, nothing is going to happen,” she said.