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4 Fun and Flirty Summer Online Dating Tips

Julie Spira
Julie Spira Posted:
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The dog days of summer have arrived, and people are seeing heatwaves across the country (Death Valley just broke a record!). That means dating singles are looking for summer love with some new rules in tow.

If your spring fling fizzled out, it’s time to go on a virtual or socially distanced summer dating spree, as the warmer weather is a welcome change for many.

So if you’re busy swiping, remember the point of matching is to form a connection, so don’t let the summer pass you by without planning a fun outing together, or apart.

Here’s why online dating in the summer is the best time of the year for singles.

1. The Days and Nights are Longer, So You Can Schedule More Dates

In the summertime, there are more hours in the day (and night) to go out on dates, so that outdoor hiking date can be scheduled morning, noon, or night.

If you’re busy using dating apps, you can schedule multiple dates on the same day, and, if one goes well, it could extend into a second date on the spot.

2. Post Photos in Your Sexy Summer Wardrobe

Bringing out your summer wardrobe is a ritual for many, and finding that hidden gem of a halter top might be the perfect look to go with your jeans for your profile and the casual dates you’re setting up.

Photo of a man taking a selfie

Update your photos so you appear at the top of search results on your dating site or app.

If you’re dressing up for a more formal date, that lipstick red mini dress or T-shirt will get you and your date in the mood for romance.

3. People are Happier in the Summer, and That’ll Show in Your Profile and On Your Dates

Like the Beatles song “Good Day, Sunshine,” happiness is in high gear in the summer months, and it’s easier to relax on a sunny day. Research shows that a little vitamin D can be beneficial to your body.

When you’re feeling good, it’ll reflect in your dating profile, and you’ll show up to your dates feeling more positive about yourself and your potential romantic opportunities.

4. Get Outside for a Socially Distanced Date

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic had everyone staying home and doing video dates, but now that things are opening up again, it’s time to get outside. And there are several safe ways you and your date can do that.

You can go on a hike. If you’re not at the advanced level of elevated hiking, try walking in a park, or wandering through the woods for a fun stroll.

Or maybe you’d prefer a bike ride. Exercising with your date can be fun when the weather’s great, so add some air in your tires, grab a water bottle, and find your nearest bike path for safety. Stop along the way for some lemonade or ice cream, and it’s the perfect recipe for a great summer date.

Try al fresco dining. Since restaurants in your town might be open only for outdoor dining or carry out, having a casual lunch or a romantic dinner on the patio is a perfect date idea for when you’re meeting IRL.

Try to time your reservation with the sunset, and it will be a night to remember. If you prefer dining at home, set the table with cloth napkins, and add some candles to set the mood.

Visit a dog park. There’s a reason they call infatuation puppy love. If you and your date both have dogs, consider it a double date. If not, you can have fun together watching the playful pets chase after a ball or a Frisbee.

Photo of lesbian couple at a lake

Some safe outdoor activities include swimming, hiking, cycling, and barbecuing.

Make s’mores at a fire pit if you have one at your house, or go to a park that has fire pits. Put together a kit with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Sure it’s messy, but it will remind you of your younger days as campers.

Go to a drive-in movie. While it may be hard to find a drive-in movie theater near you, there are plenty of rooftop pop-up drive-in theaters this summer. Search for one within driving distance, and make a reservation. Watching a classic film or a rom-com together will keep it light and fun.

Take a look at what they have at the local farmers market. A farmer’s market is typically outdoors, and a fun place to meander in the summertime. Pick out some colorful organic vegetables, and then go home to whip up a dish together. Make sure you bring back something decadent for dessert.

Play miniature golf. It’s easy to be socially distanced while playing golf, and going on a miniature golf date instead of scheduling a full round of 18 holes is more practical and a lot of fun.

Binge on some entertainment on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or another streaming service. Whether you’re quarantining separately or together for this activity, find a great series or film to watch. There is a lot of excellent programming floating around, so see if you two are in sync with your genres.

I recommend watching “Palm Springs,” a new blockbuster and timely summer film with Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. It’s streaming on Hulu. When you finish watching the movie, have a conversation about the ending of the film and your interpretation.

Summer is the Time to Put Yourself Out There!

Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, remember to show up on time for your date. If you’re running late, send a text to your date before your scheduled meeting time or right before your virtual date.

Additionally, ask your date questions instead of doing all the talking, and genuinely listen to what he or she has to say. Having good manners never goes out of style, even in the casual days of summer, and will result in a better experience for all.

Plus, don’t forget to plan your next get-together before the date is over to keep the flow going if you felt a great connection. Happy summer dating!