Moblie Apps a Better Alternative to Online Dating, Study Suggests

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Online dating sites are facing a new wave of competition from mobile apps focusing on offline matchmaking.

Mobile apps like MeetMoi strip the online dating formula down to its essentials.

Like many online dating programs, these apps use compatibility tests to match singles with each other and then utilize GPS to let users know when compatible singles are near their present location.

These apps essentially focus on facilitating quick, informal dates between people who are in close proximity to each other and have a little time to kill.

A recent study coming out of Northwestern University suggests these mobile apps offer a superior alternative to the traditional online dating process.

The study argued most online compatibility algorithms lack accuracy and singles still consider meeting in person as the only way to decide whether someone makes a good potential mate or not.


“Singles still consider meeting in person as the only way to

decide whether someone makes a good potential mate.”

According to the study, these apps may take the place of traditional online dating websites due to the simple fact they bring people together, in person, faster.

Traditional online dating sites, like and OkCupid, have taken note and began organizing in-person events where large groups of singles can meet up without worrying about creating a great profile, sending the “perfect” message or otherwise succeeding digitally before they succeed the old-fashioned way.

Study author Eli Finkel argues these apps are succeeding because most of the online dating process is unnecessary and singles really only need help answering a simple question:

“Is this person below the threshold or above the threshold for a five-minute meet-up — five minutes from now? There’s no better way to figure out whether you’re compatible with somebody than talking to them over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer.”

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