Mixed-Weight Couples More Likely to Experience Conflict

C. Price
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How does weight negatively impact a relationship?

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona and the University of Puget Sound found mixed-weight couples experienced more conflict than couples where both partners were about the same weight.

Researchers looked at 43 heterosexual couples and examined the levels of conflict each couple experienced.


“Mixed-weight couples were more likely

to experience anger and resentment.”

Mixed-weight (where one partner is a healthy weight and the other is overweight) couples were more likely to experience anger and resentment than same-weight couples, and these conflicts intensified when both partners ate with each other.

However, researchers determined couples had less conflict when the overweight person felt their partner was supportive of their exercise and dieting efforts.

“That is significant because even though they are at risk for more conflict, there are communication mechanisms that can reduce this,” said Tricia Burke, the study’s lead author.

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