Study Finds Men Keep a Greater Distance During Relationships

C. Price
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New research shows investing in relationships may be more important to a woman’s well-being than a man’s.

Dr. Anna Machin, of the University of Oxford, found women invested heavily in their relationships while men kept a greater distance between themselves and their loved ones.

Machin recently studied 341 men and women and questioned them on the roles, values and maintenance requirements of both their romantic relationships and their best friendships.


“Women invested heavily in relationships

while men kept a greater distance.”

In fact, Machin found even men in committed relationships still unconsciously responded to some of the questions as if they were still single.

“It seems that regardless of our culture of monogamy and commitment, the biological imperative still operates, to a greater or lesser degree, for men,” she said.

Women also had a greater tendency to rank their romantic partners as more valuable than themselves, and women were more likely to view their relationships as cooperatively based than men, who often thought of their relationships in terms of competitions.

Source: The University of Oxford via ScienceDaily.com. Photo source: gracechatting.com.