Study Finds Women Take More Precaution with Men They First Meet Online

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Since online dating has become so widely common, more and more people are now meeting up with total strangers for a first date, but not without keeping safety in mind.

A new study found women take more safety precautions with men they first meet online as opposed to in person.

According to the research, older women and African-American women are more likely to use these safety strategies.

For the research, Roosevelt University psychology professors Jill Coleman and Catherine Campbell interviewed 82 female students about tactics used for protection in various first date scenarios. The women in the study were all between 18 and 36 years old.

“Women take more precaution with men

they meet online as opposed to in person.”

Among the methods discussed was notifying a friend about the date, controlling alcohol intake during the date and taking self-defense classes.

Among the most common precautions taken was driving in a separate car to the date or having enough cab fare in case an exit strategy is needed.

“People are definitely broadening their dating pool by using the Internet, but our study shows that there’s still a stigma associated with the practice and with those who are doing it,” Coleman said.

Coleman added broad stereotypes were commonly used to determine people’s behavior during a first date.

“We shouldn’t be buying into stereotypes about who is dangerous and who isn’t based on how we’ve met them,” she said.

Source: roosevelt.edu. Photo source: securityworldnews.com.