Study Shows Sex Still Pleasurable Regardless of Condom or Lubricant Use

C. Price
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How does condom and lubricant use impact sexual satisfaction? A new study set out to answer just that question.

The study, produced by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, found American men and women, ages of 18 to 59, found sex to be highly enjoyable and arousing regardless of whether condoms and/or lubricant were used.

Researchers looked at data coming out of the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior and asked participants about their recent sexual experiences with an eye toward awareness and opinions of condom and/or lubricant use.


“Men and women found sex to be enjoyable regardless

of whether condoms and/or lubricant were used.”

Additionally, male respondents reported they enjoyed the same ability to achieve and maintain an erection regardless of whether or not they were wearing a condom.

The study did highlight one unexpected difference between the genders when it comes to condom use.

Compared with women, men are much more likely to know what material their condoms are made out of and whether those condoms are lubricated.

Study author Debby Herbenick noted:

“Men are more likely than women to purchase condoms and to apply condoms,” she said. “However, it’s important for more women to become familiar with the condoms they use with their partner so that they can make choices that enhance the safety and pleasure of their sexual experiences.”

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