Study Shows Women Enjoy Sex More When They’re in a Relationship

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Despite the cinematic fantasy of a nameless stranger and an anonymous encounter, new research finds women actually enjoy sex more with an established partner.

The study, which was conducted by researchers from Stanford University, the University of Michigan and New York University, found 83 percent of women in established relationships (six months or more) described enjoying their most recent sexual experience “very much.”

That was a third more than women reporting a hookup.

Women in relationships were also found to be more likely to have an orgasm as opposed to women experiencing a more random sexual encounter.

Additionally, variety was found to be more active in relationships versus casual sex.


“Eighty-three percent of women in relationships said

they enjoyed their most recent sexual experience.”

Researchers surveyed 13,000 heterosexual female college students at 21 campuses nationwide. More in-depth interviews were also conducted with 85 of the students.

Among the questions, participants ranked how satisfied they were with their latest sexual encounter. Researchers also sought to understand which activities were common to women who reported having orgasms.

The study suggested familiarity breeds comfort and an understanding of your partner’s body, which can lead to more enjoyable sex.

As to the importance of the female orgasm, women who had one during their most recent encounter were nearly six times more likely to report enjoying the sex.

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