Women 8.5% More Likely to Give Out Phone Number on Sunny Days

C. Price
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Could the weather kill your game?

A new study coming out of the journal Social Influence tested to see if women were more likely to respond positively to flirting when the sun was out, compared to when skies were gray.

According to the study’s results, sunny weather dramatically increases the chances a woman will give out her number. Women gave out their phone number 22.4 percent of the time on sunny days and 13.9 percent of the time on cloudy days.

In the study, an “attractive” 20-year-old male approached female strangers (ages 18 to 25) who were walking by themselves down the street.


“Women gave out their phone number

22.4 percent of the time on sunny days.”

When the young man approached, he flirted with the women and asked for their phone numbers. Some of the women were approached when the weather was cloudy, while the other women were approached when the sun was shining.

While this is the first study to examine the role sunny weather plays in flirtatiousness, previous research has demonstrated how other environmental factors (including background music, ambient aromas and various visual cues) can impact the success, or failure, of courtship attempts.

Sunny weather in particular has been shown to increase friendliness and generosity in numerous platonic social exchanges, suggesting a shining sun may simply make people a little more socially open than they would be otherwise.

Source: Tandfonline.com. Photo source: bp.blogspot.com.