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10 Best Gay Dating Blogs of 2024

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema uses her writing skills to create useful and up-to-date content for Chloë is an Emory University grad who is familiar with what it means to date in the modern age, and she works to write material that is engaging, truthful, and as helpful as possible. Being on the front lines of the dating scene, Chloë is committed to staying engaged with the ever-changing world of dating to provide the most useful content to readers.

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Edited by: Lillian Castro

Lillian Castro

Discuss This! Discuss This!

Diaries used to be the holders of your most pressing ponderings. Today, it’s your search history. If you’re anything like me, the moment you have a question or something you’re not sure about, you’re opening your phone and lobbing that question to Google. This continues to be the case when it comes to romance and relationships.

gay dating bloggers 2024

The internet is now our go-to source for insights, advice, and knowledge about dating, but not all resources are created equal. Every dater needs different advice, and LGBTQ+ singles need resources that understand their unique romantic experiences and perspectives. 

These blogs offer LGBTQ+ readers the relationship, dating, and romantic advice that’s most applicable and useful to them. From industry veterans to relative newcomers, these digital hubs are jam-packed with the information queer singles are looking for in their love lives.

Emen8 | Gaydar | H4M | BGay | QueerDaze | Pride | Queerty | Gino Cosme | I’m From Driftwood | PinkNews



Emen8 is Australia’s biggest and boldest online sexual health and well-being initiative for men who have sex with men. The site was launched in 2017 and is produced by gay, bisexual, trans, and queer men. Emen8 is focused on sexual health and wellness topics but covers everything from entertainment and culture to fitness and style.

Emen8’s resources take a sex-positive and holistic approach. Blog posts cover important technical topics, such as STD testing and the ins and outs of online dating, but Emen8 also sees the bigger picture. Personal well-being isn’t just about sex, it’s also about the relationships we have with friends, partners, families, communities, and ourselves. Emen8 attends to each of these areas, and queer men can be sure to find something they resonate with.

Best for: Gay, Bisexual, & Trans Men in Australia



The blog on the dating app Gaydar has a post for nearly every and any topic a gay single man could have on his mind. The site’s posts include tips for asking out strangers, picks for the best apps for HIV-positive dating, and self-care strategies to get you through the rough patches. The blog attends to more than just dating, with great insights on culture, health, and fitness topics.

The blog has years of archival material, meaning that if you have a question about dating, Gaydar has probably answered it. Gaydar is one of the world’s busiest gay dating networks, meaning the site has its finger on the pulse of all things happening in the dating scene. Topic categories include culture, dating advice, community events, and news.

Best for: Dating App Blog



H4M is one of the first matchmaking agencies for gay and lesbian singles, and its blog keeps it real with the advice and information gay daters are looking for. Tammy Shaklee, the matchmaker behind H4M, writes honestly and humorously about dating. She relies on her decades of matchmaking and coaching experience to write engaging and topical posts.

H4M’s posts online and IRL dating topics alike. In one post, Tammy breaks down how to make the most out of summer dating, and in another, she shares her reflections on her years of professional experiences. H4M’s blogs attend to both the emotional and technical aspects of modern gay dating.

Best for: Gay & Lesbian Matchmaker’s Insight



Since 1999, BGay has been at the forefront of digital LGBTQ+ news. The blog’s homepage is full of queer culture stories, along with news and other entertainment bites. Since its creation, BGay’s mission has been to be the go-to spot for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer internet users looking for relatable and relevant content.

Gay daters can find posts that review the most popular LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows, plus posts that explore topics like ethical non-monogamy and how to approach retirement with a spouse. Site categories include Love, Travel, Advice, and Gay Buzz. No matter your age, dating status, or cultural inclination, BGay has articles that will bring engaging insights.

Best for: Long-Standing LGBTQ+ News Site



QueerDaze is a blog that explores gay age-gap dating with all the honesty, humor, and light-heartedness you could ask for. Authors and married couple Michael and Aaron came together through a series of serendipitous meetings until finally getting honest with each other and settling down. Aaron is several years Michael’s junior, and the age gap has provided some unique highs and lows throughout their relationship.

While QueerDaze has a lot of content about age-gap relationships, its content touches on so much more. The couple explores what Pride means to them, shares reflections on their long-term relationship, and gives travel tips to fellow LGBTQ+ adventurers. Michael and Aaron keep it real while providing an adorable and honest glimpse of modern gay relationships. 

Best for: Age-Gap Relationship Advice



#Love&Sex may be one of the most popular categories on, but that’s just a glimpse of what the site has to offer. Pride is a community of gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, and queer people and their friends, and focuses on the media and stories that influence gay culture. The site covers LGBTQ+ celebrities, movies, TV shows, and celebrity news.

Numerous contributors write for the relationship and dating advice blog on Pride. Daters can find posts that dig into the reality of awkward sex (it happens to all of us) and the common struggles gay men face in committed partnerships. Once you’ve had enough relationship wisdom, you can browse Pride’s posts about drag, coming out, and the best queer entertainment.

Best for: Sex Advice That Keeps it Real



Queerty is an online news platform with no agenda– other than that gay one! The site was founded in 2005 and covers a wide variety of LGBTQ-oriented topics, including entertainment, reality TV, and politics. Site visitors can find posts about the best travel spots for gay couples, the best apps for different kinds of gay online dating, and pre-first date grooming tips.

Queerty is probably best known for being the online hub for the LGBTQ+ culture and media awards show, The Queerties. The Queerties is an annual award show that celebrates the biggest queer names in pop culture. From drag royalty like Jinkx Monsoon to TikTok superstars like Dylan Mulvaney, The Queerties nominees and winners include LGBTQ+ culture icons from every corner of the internet. 

Best for: All Things LGBTQ+ Culture

Gino Cosme


Gino Cosme is a specialized counselor for gay men and couples, and his blog gives gay men insights and support related to mental health subjects. Gay men often face difficulties when it comes to finding and receiving adequate mental health care, and they need resources that truly see them and their unique positions, experiences, and desires.

Gino Cosme’s posts address topics that individuals and couples may need help with. For individuals, the blog offers posts about internalized homophobia, the realities of coming out, and how to handle loneliness. The blog’s content works to show gay men that they’re not alone and that help and resources are out there for when they struggle.

Best for: Resources About LGBTQ+ Mental Health

I’m From Driftwood collects the stories of thousands of real LGBTQ+ individuals from across the globe. These stories explore any and every topic around the queer experience and gay romance, with the mission to show LGBTQ+ individuals that they are not alone and their stories matter. I’m From Driftwood keeps a growing collection of over 1,000 professionally produced and user-submitted oral histories.

I’m From Driftwood has stories categorized by sexuality and gender, so visitors can find stories that are relevant to them. There is great connective power in telling a story and taking ownership of it. There is even more power in listening to the stories of people with life experiences and identities similar to yours. I’m From Driftwood explores this powerful connection bravely. 

Best for: Real LGBTQ+ Stories



PinkNews is one of the world’s largest and most influential LGBTQ+ media brands and has been providing queer daters with news stories and dating insights since 2005. The site was founded to support and campaign for the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide, while providing high-quality digital content that caters to them.

PinkNews covers the political and cultural stories that many gay daters will find relevant but doesn’t shy away from honest content about relationships and love. The site’s dating category features articles that go into the best dating apps for queer daters, exciting date night ideas, and heartfelt explorations of what it means to be a 21st-century queer dater.

Best for: Online Dating Advice

There is so much great information, advice, and resources online, but blogs provide something unique. Blogs can blend the perfect mix of personal experiences, professional expertise, and compelling topics and give authors plenty of room to explore their topics in inventive and fresh ways.

If your dating life is getting stale, a fresh opinion may be all it takes to shake things up and get your romantic exploration moving again. Dating can come with its challenges, but the honest and hilarious voices behind these blogs make it all the more enjoyable.