Cheap Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

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Cheap Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
Discuss This! Discuss This!

When you’re in a new relationship and it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, you can be feeling a bit confused about how to celebrate your love without breaking the bank.

You want to do something special, but you’re mature enough to know it’s not all about what a retail industry tells you love and romance is.

Many retailers know they’ve got you on Valentine’s Day and seem to be siphoning the dollars directly from your debit card the minute you walk into the store.

Before the special day for lovers arrives, be sure to chat with each other about what it is you two want to do for Valentine’s Day.

What if you’re a brand new couple?

If the two of you are merely dating and have not yet successfully segued to exclusivity, then you two don’t really have just cause or expectation to spend Valentine’s Day evening together on a date.

In fact, you might just want to attend a singles dance instead. Keep meeting new people and give each other something small and romantic, such as a petite rose with a ribbon.

However, once you’re a couple, there are expectations.

Guys, all her girlfriends will be chatting at the coffee shop next week and comparing romantic gestures. You do need to do something.

1. Alternative restaurants

It seems a multitude of the romantic venues have already decided how much you must spend by only offering a prefixed menu the evening of Valentine’s Day.

As a senior, the two of you already likely eat a lighter meal than those in their 30s eat at dinnertime.

If you do not already have a reservation at a restaurant, then look around for some alternatives.

What about eating at her favorite Chinese restaurant? Valentine’s Day falls right after the Chinese New Year, so they are often still decorated with red, making it romantic for you.

Alternatively, consider one of the restaurants in your neighborhood that has a very nice ambiance. They might be a bit neglected on Valentine’s Day and will surely make more of a fuss over you two than the overly booked romantic venues.

“Senior women don’t mind

a mature man being frugal.”

2. Inexpensive gifts

Before the grocery stores and drug outlets get you with all of the prepackaged heart-shaped gifts pushed at you in the front of the store, stop by your local dollar store.

They feature seasonal items as well as Valentine’s Day gift bags for a dollar.

Look for all the heart-shaped paraphernalia offered. Check out the offerings in their candle section as well as the scented body lotions. Look for heart shapes and floral fragrances to appeal to all of her senses.

How about a heart wreath? It need not be flowers to still speak of romance to her. A cute pink or red heart pillow with love messages embroidered it is darling and romantic and it will last longer than a balloon.

While you’re at the grocery store, look in their seasonal section and check to see if they have any coffee mugs with hearts on them.

Buy a pair to enjoy together for breakfast in bed featuring your omelet-making skills. Fill it with heart-shaped chocolates. (I love chocolate, so I did have to work that in here somewhere.)

Senior women don’t mind a mature man being frugal. Ladies just don’t want a man to be cheap.

3. Make memories

Lastly, take her somewhere that will help the two of you create romantic memories together that can be cherished for years ahead.

Take her to the square dancing ball or go to the local ballroom dance class for your first session together. Take photos, mugging it up for the camera.