Dating A Millionaire

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Dating a Millionaire

Jonathan Welford

Written by: Jonathan Welford

Jonathan Welford

Jonathan Welford is a dating and relationship coach, author of three relationship coaching books and regular columnist. He heads up a coaching and therapy practice specializing in dating and relationships. He lives in the UK with his husband and their English bulldog named Lola.

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Wow, dating a millionaire! What would you do with all that money?

Well, if you ever find yourself dating a millionaire, then you will soon realize it’s not your money.

Just because you are dating someone of wealth, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get access to his bank account.

If you are being showered with gifts, then just be careful there aren’t strings attached.

In my dating past, I inadvertently ended up dating a succession of millionaires and very wealthy and influential men.

I didn’t go out of my way to find this type of guy. It was just by chance.

To be honest, I was flattered and enjoyed some of the perks that came with dating powerful men.

However, they were human beings and had the same feelings, anxieties and issues as the rest of us. They just had a few more luxuries and a few less money worries.

Men of power and influence do not get in that position by pure luck. They are movers and shakers, and they have the ability to look more than a couple of steps ahead.

If you’re dating a man like this, you need to be completely aware of what is going on around you and in your relationship.

1. Keep your identity.

If you met by chance in a bar and got chatting without knowing his background, then keep hold of the person you are.

The moment you change and adapt to being the perfect boyfriend of someone in power, that’s when your own uniqueness (and power) will slip and you will become “just another one.”

Keep things fresh, and if you encounter something new and exciting, then state your appreciation. Don’t just roll your eyes as though it’s something you see every day.

“If you feel you are being bought,

don’t be afraid of walking away.”

2. Don’t be bought.

The moment you start just accepting gifts, that’s when you become a commodity. Remember, commodities are traded and sold when they lose their usefulness.

I ended a relationship with a millionaire minutes after he presented me with a convertible BMW with a red ribbon around it.

It was a lovely car, but strings are usually attached with extravagant gestures. I didn’t want a relationship based on that.

3. Pay your way.

When you go out for a meal, offer to pay. When it’s time to buy a round of drinks, don’t just sit there and expect the drinks to come flowing.

When you expect things to happen, then expect to not be in the position you are in.

Ultimately, dating wealthy men has its benefits, but you should also expect to climb a wall when getting to know him. Men of power know all the plays and exactly how to dodge them.

The dating game has an unwritten manual, and if you plan to get involved with someone just for their lifestyle and money, be aware you will soon be read and played back.

As with dating anyone, be true to yourself, remain honest about your motives and don’t change your dreams.

If you feel you are being bought, then raise the issue and don’t be afraid of walking away.

You might think, “I’d prefer to be unhappy in paradise,” but wouldn’t you prefer to be happy and have a good relationship?

The fairy tale of dating a millionaire can come true, but as we all know, the path to a long-term and lasting relationship is more than kissing a frog to find your prince.