Has She Lost That Lovin Feeling

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Has She Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

Randy Mitchell

Written by: Randy Mitchell

Randy Mitchell

Randy Mitchell is a blogger on lifestyle, writing and relationship topics and is a published author of inspirational romance. His first novel "Sons In The Clouds" is available on Amazon. To find out more about Randy, visit www.theinspirationalwriter.com.

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Amber Brooks

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We’ve all been there. You were engaged in a relationship which started off great.

The chemistry was electric from the first glance, the dates were long and ending too soon and the phone calls and texts were flying constantly with, “I miss you. I love you. Thinking about you!”

You begin believing she could be “The One,until those little gut-wrenching voices start telling you there’s definitely something missing.

Breaking up is hard to do.

It really is after you’ve spent months, even years, investing your time, not to mention money, on chasing that ever-elusive dream of relationship bliss.

You don’t want it to end, thinking you should give it another month or two before calling it quits.

As a man, you hate failure and you loathe crawling back into the exhaustive grind of sorting through the endless sea of faces in the dating world.

And it’s never easy looking for and getting to know someone all over again and starting from scratch.

However, sometimes it’s better to cut your losses rather than continue down an unsuccessful road. After all, time is a very precious commodity when it comes to love.

“Ending a relationship because you’ve

lost that lovin’ feeling is always best.”

What are the signs it’s not meant to be?

You know those nagging doubts or pains in the groin telling that little voice inside it’s best to move on, look ahead and open yourself up to new possibilities?

You don’t want to listen, yet there they are making you wish they’d go away.

Many begin getting their telltale signals from friends or family – those polite nudges or whispers in your ear asking if you’re still with what’s her name.

Or maybe they ask if you’re interested in going out with someone else, knowing full well you’re still trying to make it work.

You know what they’re doing and it sort of bugs you, yet another voice knows their observations and insights are only expressing what you know you’re feeling.

For most of us, the sparks simply stop flickering, the adrenaline no longer surges, the pre-date excitement just doesn’t build anymore and that implied Saturday night date is something that’s become just another mark on the calendar.

You sit and wonder where’s the magic of times past? The lust, the passion, the heart-pounding exhilaration once shared just by holding hands with her?

Even the mere sight of her face walking across a room felt like taking a B12 shot. Now…

What do you do?

We all hate imagining those dreaded moments when you must sit down and have the talk.

All of us have a heart and we hate nothing more than being rejected or doing the rejecting.

Life is short. Let’s face it, our prime dating lives are even shorter when we’re older, grayer and filled with baggage and limited on options.

Ending a relationship because “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” is always the best decision. This frees up both parties to search elsewhere for the right fit.

It never seems that way at first, almost always resulting in hurt feelings, but we need to make the most of our opportunities spent trolling for the right mate or companion.

That means cutting em’ loose when things go astray.

Otherwise we’ll end up like yesterdays news: alone, ordering Chinese delivery and becoming ever more acquainted with TV Land and those reruns of “Andy Griffin,” “Seinfeld” or, God forbid, the Lifetime channel.

When do you know it’s time to call it quits? You just have to listen to your heart!