How Do I Break Up With My Girlfriend?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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Guys, if you have come to a place where you realize it’s time to part ways with your girlfriend and you are going to have to face the unpleasant experience of breaking up with her, proceed with caution. Women do not do well when they are on the receiving end of the news that they are being dumped.

A breakup is a devastating experience for most women and can cause some of us to become completely irrational. Keep this in mind as you move forward and make decisions accordingly.

If nothing dramatic has happened (cheating, abuse, etc.) and you just know the relationship isn’t working, you have three options:

  • Do it face to face.
  • Break the news in a phone call.
  • Break up with her in a letter (this includes email).

You know your gal better than anyone, so you should know which of these three is more appropriate.

If you can’t face her, a phone call is sufficient. If you have been together a long time and you still care for her and don’t want to hurt her, take her out to lunch and do it then.

The length of your time together and the depth of your commitment to one another should play a big factor in deciding how to end the relationship. If you know she’s a little crazy and is likely to throw a temper tantrum, a kindly worded letter is probably the better option.

In any case, choose your words wisely. Explain how you feel and tell her why you arrived at this decision. Apologize for any emotional distress and wish her the best. Unless she is a total psycho and has done things to hurt you or your family, DO NOT break up with her in a text, through a friend or on a Post It note.

If, on the other hand, she slept with your best friend or slashed your tires in a violent fit of rage, you can communicate two simple words to her by any means of communication and that would be sufficient: IT’S OVER.