Having Problems In The Bedroom

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Having Problems in the Bedroom?

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
Discuss This! Discuss This!

While your bedroom forays may be daily, many couples over 50 find intimacy has changed and are looking for some practical help.

Guys, you’ve likely noticed the firmness and your performance vitality is not what it used to be in your 20s. This goes for gay men and straight men alike.

For most mature men, much of your identity as a man is wrapped up with this, so not only are you feeling diminished in the bedroom, but also you’re feeling a little less than a man.

Not only have things changed for you, but your partner’s sexuality and sensual functions are changing as well. Even in the most sensually loving couples, talking about these changes comfortably while maintaining an alluring mood can be a challenge.

The good news is threefold.

1. Viagra

The advent of Viagra was a god send for midlife couples and senior singles. It meant men’s firmness and performance duration could be assisted.

Still, many men feel fundamentally uncomfortable discussing this with their physicians. Put that aside and broach the topic yourself.

Meanwhile, go online to a variety of forums where your privacy can be protected and discover what Viagra can do for you and your partner’s pleasure.

“The old myth purported that

our sex lives disappear with age.” 

2. Cialis  

Cialis differs from Viagra, so over a period of time, you may want to sample both options to determine how your body responds to each.

On certain special occasions, you may desire the faster immediacy of Viagra. For many committed couples, Cialis is a great option because it lasts longer so you benefit from each dose for multiple days.

However, the affect is not rapid, so if “tonight’s the night,” you may not experience the result as quickly as you were hoping.

3. Hypnosis

Sometimes learning to relax deeply and use the power of your whole brain can provide your body with the increased circulation and flow of blood that will give you the results you desired without resorting to pharmaceutical intervention.

Some senior couples are experiencing intimacy obstacles in that their partner has simply lost all interest in sharing sex. A healthy sex life can be shared past the mid-century mark.

It’s normal to have sexual desire and to want to express that.

The old myth purported that our sex lives diminish and disappear with age. For today’s seniors, studies demonstrate more boomers have sex than earlier generations. You can, too!

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