Senior Women Arent Looking For Daddies

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Newsflash: Senior Women Aren’t Looking for Daddies

April Braswell
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Baby boomer women who are single again or perhaps never married have a different relationship goal than their younger counterparts.

For the most part, single senior women have already had children if they wanted them.

Many single women in their 20s and 30s have a massive drive to get married so they can have children and raise a family.

A significant factor for what they want in a mate is a man who will make “a good husband and father” and who will be a “daddy” to the children they have together.

This isn’t so for mature single women.

In all likelihood, not only is the senior single woman not looking to have children at this point in her life, quite often her kids are young adults or older and no longer live in her residence.

While she does care that one of your core life values is you want to be a good father to your children, it is no longer one of her top three character attributes.

On the other hand, you have to display this kind of behavior to her younger counterpart who is looking to raise children.


“If you have cultural interests,

share it with her.”

What matters most to mature single women?

Yes, she wants to see you are a kind and considerate man in order to win her heart.

However, if you’re just a dithering, kind milquetoast, she will be running away from you within a matter of a few dates.

Modern mature women desire life companions who are interesting men in their own right. You might no longer be working full-time. However, she expects that you have some kind of an active life for men in their 50s and 60s.

To her, even if you are retired in some manner from your first career, she doesn’t want to hear that all you do is sit at home watching TV. In her mind, that would be stultifying dull.

Rest assured, she isn’t craving for you to have the super active life of men in their 20s and 30s. However, she does want to get out and do things on the weekend and perhaps even on some week nights.

Date ideas for seniors.

You are not required to plan mini getaways and road trips every single weekend. Perhaps once a month or so would best suit the pace of your busy lives?

If you are into salsa, West Coast swing, square dancing or any dance style for that matter, look around for workshops and mini conventions in your area or perhaps only a few hours away.

Couples who dance together regularly knit the fabric of their relationship more strongly for the long term.

If you have cultural interests, such as classical music and the opera, share it with her. You can still go on cheap dates quite often if you look for park concerts in your local community.

Readers, what are some of the interests you most want your mate to share with you?

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