Is Money Tight Try These Cheap And Romantic Dates

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Is Money Tight? Try These Cheap and Romantic Dates

April Braswell
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Maybe your idea of a great first date requires dinner at a lovely restaurant with ambiance, soft candlelight and a hefty price tag on the bill.

While that might be fun for a while, most couples know that continuing those sort of dates weekly makes for an expensive courtship. Besides, it’s just not very practical.

Baby boomer men still often want to pay the bill on the dates. While the senior lady might feel this is lovely and chivalrous of him, she doesn’t want him to think that she thinks he’s just a meal ticket.

Without insulting anyone’s wallet or purse strings, what are some fun, creative and frugal date tips for cost-conscious seniors?

1. Go to a matinee movie.

By selecting to go to a matinee screening, you still get to enjoy a new movie but at a budget price.

Choose a movie that will draw an adult crowd and you’ll avoid the social challenges of the matinee screenings attended by lots of noisy kids. Feel free to smooch with your date in the back row and giggle to yourselves.


“When the weather is warm , why not head to

your local park, beach or outdoor concert?”

2. Attend a second-run movie house.

Alternatively, look for a second-run movie house that features cheap-ticket prices and screenings of movies that have been out for a while. Maybe you were too busy when the movie first opened and you still want to catch it on a large screen.

Opt for the second-run theater and save on the price tag of admission at the same time!

3. Make life a picnic.

When the weather is warm and temperate, why not pack a fun picnic lunch and head to your local park, beach or outdoor concert?

Your price tag might entail having to pay for parking but that’s it. Most places only charge a few dollars.

You can select exactly the foods you two enjoy. Each of you can contribute a dish or two to share and showcase some of your culinary skills.

Bring a bottle of sparkling water to make the meal special and stay within the public drinking guidelines of your locale.

Which senior date idea appeals to you the most to use? What are some inexpensive and romantic date ideas you have?

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