Fun Date Ideas Perfect For Senior Couples

Senior Dating

Fun Date Ideas Perfect for Senior Couples

April Braswell
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Discuss This! Discuss This!

Baby boomer first dates often differ from the first dates of 20-something and 30-something daters.

Midlife singles seeking mature romance often emphasize conversation more on their first date or two.

However, by the third date, you two don’t just want to slip into the lazy habit of “hanging out” and talking.

Conversation alone does not foster the relationship you desire.

What creates a healthy, mature relationship?

Sharing activities together builds your relationship. When you share activities together, it gives you material for additional conversations.

It also places both of you into more scenarios to audition your relationship skills and behavior.

Just because your date says they are kind to others, that doesn’t mean you really know this in your heart of hearts. You won’t know this for sure until you see this demonstrated consistently in their behavior.

Light social interaction with others proves it to you in their actions as well as their words.

1. Go dancing.

Attend the dancing class at the local country and Western bar. These classes are open and accept newcomers at each session. No need to worry that you are barging in on week five of a six-week class.

You’ll get some exercise and have some fun together. Then go grab a bite to eat together and share about which steps were your favorites.


“You want to select a scenic trail

to connect you two to each other.”

2. Take a hike.

Be sure to look for a hiking trail with leisurely switchbacks and a slow incline. An early date is not the time to do a cardiovascular test.

You want to select a scenic trail to connect you two to nature and each other. Let the vistas be majestic, peaceful and beautiful.

Feel free to hold hands and smooch a little whenever you encounter a cluster of trees to duck behind. Impress the teenage hikers with how romantic seniors can be.

Ladies and gents, what are some of your favorites date ideas to build out the relationship?

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