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Uncornered Market’s Top 3 Tips for Traveling Couples

Hayley Matthews
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TL;DR: Having visited more than 80 countries, Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, of UncorneredMarket.com, share their best tips for couples who want to see the world together. 

For the past 17 years, travel has been an important part of Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll’s lives.

The once long-distance duo often trekked two hours away to visit each other on weekends and even further when Scott was in the Peace Corps.

Even among stressful times, like 24-hour bus rides, when the two are traveling together, everything seems to fall into place.

“As we are very different people and personalities, we both will come out of a situation with different observations, experiences, ideas, and it’s so great to be able to discuss and compare and learn from each other,” Scott said. “And the real joy of traveling together is being able to share all these incredible experiences with a person you love.”

So are you and your boo ready to start an adventure of your own? Here are Scott and Noll’s top three tips for traveling couples:

3. Go for romance … and crazy 

While Scott said romance is part of the thrill of traveling as a couple (she and Noll did get married in Tuscany), don’t go for the obvious. Romance can happen at anywhere, anytime and in any country.

“In terms of our more recent travels, I’d include the Orange River area of Northern South Africa, Marlborough wine region of New Zealand (South Island) and for the classic romantic city, Paris,” she said.

3. Go for romance ... and crazy

But it’s not all about romance.

Scott and Noll certainly know how to throw some fun in there, too, including bungie jumping in New Zealand for Valentine’s Day and base flying off a 32-story building in Berlin for their 11th wedding anniversary.

“Some might find what we do romantic, and some might find it crazy,” she said. “Some of the best travel we have done together as a couple have been treks when we’ve been able to get offline, hike for days in beautiful mountain landscapes, clear our heads and support each other through physically challenging climbs. It’s a bonding experience that refreshes us emotionally, physically and reminds us of why we’re together.”

2. Be curious 

According to Scott, it’s not enough to just go to these places — you also have to be willing to explore, learn and look at life through a different lens.

“When you travel, it exposes you to so many different situations and emotions, so it’s one of the best ways to learn about your partner, as well as how to work together under times of extreme stress and unusual circumstances,” Scott said. “You begin to see strengths and skills in your partner that you never knew he/she had, as well as understand weaknesses and where support is needed.”

2. Be curious

And don’t forget to laugh it off when things never seem to go right.

“Perspective on that the tough parts are only temporary and that you are there together to get through it. And when one is down (i.e., feeling bad, sick, etc.), the other is there to help pick up the slack and support,” she said.

1. Communicate 

When you and your SO are traveling together and you think you can’t stand one more minute with each other or you’re missing home, Scott’s number one tip above all else is to talk it out.

“Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and adjust roles and responsibilities accordingly so both people are working to their strengths,” she said. “And ditch the perfection narrative that everything that will happen on your trip should be picture perfect. That just leads to disappointment.”

1. Communicate

To follow more of Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll’s adventures (Sri Lanka and Australia are next at bat!), visit UncorneredMarket.com.