What To Bring On Dates For Senior Men

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What to Bring on Dates for Senior Men

April Braswell
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Whether you’re meeting your lady this evening after meeting in the offline real world or you two met on an online dating site, as a senior single man, there are a number of things you want to bring with you on dates (particularly on a first date) for senior dating success!

1. Your smile.

If you are new to dating again as a senior single guy, you may be feeling out of practice with dating in the 21st century and may be feeling nervous.

A lot of men when they feel nervous will paste a stern expression on their face rather than possibly let it be seen they don’t know what they’re doing.

Well, looking a bit grim might have worked in your military photo portrait. However, to win with the ladies, guys, you need to smile.

Smile at your date. Let her see from your smiling face you are enjoying seeing her, getting to meet her and becoming acquainted with her.

Your smile puts her at ease. Plus, when you smile, you set off triggers inside your brain so you then actually do feel better when you’re smiling.

2. Your sense of humor.

For men, attraction starts physically. For women, feeling attracted to a man has to have a physical component, but women feel more attracted to men with an engaging sense of humor.

You’ll want to leave your weird slapstick sense of humor parked in the garage at home. With women, expressing a warm and open sense of humor with only a few quirks will win her.

When women are smiling and laughing, feelings of attraction spark with her date.

3. Your heart.

Do bring along your romantic side on your first date. Let your date see you are a man who has some feelings and knows how to share and express them as a man.

What are you passionate about? What are your greatest interests in life? Share them with your date from your heart, not just your head, and you’ll increase her feelings of attraction to the unique man you are.

By doing so, you increase your chances for landing a second date.


“When women are smiling and laughing,

feelings of attraction spark with her date.”

4. Breath mints.

Do bring along some breath mints with you. You want all of your personal grooming to be excellent.

Sure, you probably brushed your teeth and shaved off your 5 o’clock shadow before heading out for your date with the special lady tonight. However, it’s at the end of the evening, often after a meal, that you’re angling in and hoping to land that good night kiss, right?

Pop a breath mint at the end of the meal, and when you move in to kiss her, she’ll get the slight fragrance of mint, not what you ate for dinner.

Minty breath will definitely yield greater receptivity to that romantic end of the date kiss!

5. Your wallet.

While it is the 21st century and men and women both earn incomes, dating etiquette has it the man still pays for the first date.

Later on down the line, when the two of you are in a relationship and seeing each other, the costs of courtship are more clearly and explicitly shared.

For tonight, you’re paying, so come prepared to do so. Allow her to thank you romantically. That just might be when you seal the evening with a kiss!

What do you like to always bring with you on first date? What do you never leave home without for a first date?

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