11 Best Polyamory Blogs Of 2014

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11 Best Polyamory Blogs of 2014

Hayley Matthews
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Polyamory is often described as “consensual, ethical and responsible nonmonogamy,” but it’s far more complex than that.

Every relationship establishes its own rules and guidelines on how polyamory works for them, and these folks are often looked down upon for their involvement in something so “taboo.”

Considering the view most people take on polyamory, it can be hard to find solid, relevant advice for polyamorous relationships. That’s where these 11 blogs come in. Candid, honest and open, they share their own experiences and insight into what doesn’t work, as well as what does. (We also have several expert articles about the polyamorous lifestyle. Start with this one!)

Bragging Rights: has a master’s of public health in health promotion

As a relationship coach and sexuality educator, the author created this blog to offer honest, informed opinions on relationship diversity and societal norms around relationships and sex. She reflects on her own experiences being queer and having an open relationship. She also offers loads of quality advice.

Bragging Rights: a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view

A cunning minx – well, the Cunning Minx – leads you through the ins and outs of responsible nonmonogamy. This podcast and blog report on issues pertaining to communication, sex, dating, family, kink, manners and time management, as well as many others. This site provides a community for the poly and poly-curious to learn and grow.

Social Clout: 4,445+ Twitter followers; 3,555+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @polyweekly

Bragging Rights: the pulse of the polyamory movement

Jealousy, communication, parenting, dating and more – that’s what they talk about Modern Poly. Web comics and podcasts are just the beginning of the awesome activity you can find here. Personal stories, viewpoints and reviews offer an incredible look into the poly lifestyle, and they even offer groups for more one-on-one engagement.

Social Clout: 3,800+ Twitter followers; 2,325+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @modernpoly

Bragging Rights: supported the polyamorous community for 26 years

Loving More is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and online community that dedicates itself to the support and education of polyamory. They recognize healthy relationships come in various forms, so they share all of the information they can through their website and online magazine. They also offer countless resources to help.

Social Clout: 3,520+ Facebook likes; 680+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @LovingMoreNP

Bragging Rights: written thousands of articles

Since 2001, Franklin Veaux has been writing on countless topics, including polyamory. More Than Two offers a handy FAQ for those new to the lifestyle, how-to guides for those practicing consensual non-monogamy and information regarding the polyamory book he cowrote with his partner. He’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Social Clout: 1,990+ Twitter followers; 1,305+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @franklinveaux

Bragging Rights: posting news since 2005

Alan M. has compiled all of the media coverage of polyamory in one place. Learn everything there is to know on topics that range from Fox’s “Utopia” and their polyamorous character, to the change in polyamory laws in Utah. With the help of this blog, you can stay educated on polyamorous happenings all over the globe.

Social Clout: 855+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @PolyintheNews

Bragging Rights: lived in a group marriage for five years

Known as the Goddess of Java, this author has dedicated her blog to showing folks they can be polyamorous while still being good people – no matter what the rest of the world says! She offers insights, answers questions and even provides you with some recommended reading – all so you can have good relationships and a conscious life.

Social Clout: 480+ Facebook likes; 270+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @polymisanthrope

Bragging Rights: blogging since 2007

Russell and Regina are a married polyamorous couple. They write to share their experiences in the hopes others will not make the same mistakes they did, as well as to show the many different, healthy alternatives to monogamy. These two enjoy challenging the status quo, and they allow you to join them on their journey.

Poly Momma


Bragging Rights: tips on being poly and a mother

This poly momma has a lot of insight to offer into raising kids while partaking in polyamorous relationships. She writes about raising her son to be a good, moral, ethical person without having a monogamous lifestyle. Open and honest communication reign supreme with her, so that’s what she displays here. She has much to teach you.

Poly Mom


Bragging Rights: raising four kids with two husbands

Amy has been blogging for many years, occasionally using the pseudonym Polly, as she shares her adventures as a mom and wife. She tells it like it is, sharing the bad (like distanced relationships after coming out), as well as the good (such as having an extra income), of her polyamorous life. She considers her story one of success.

Bragging Rights: 28 expert writers

This is your one-stop shop for all things polyamorous. Columns and articles offer insight into the lifestyle, forums allow for engagement with others and a shop supplies the coolest poly gear. You can even ask Aunt Poly! Here you’ll find more coverage on the issues of and thoughts behind polyamory than almost anywhere else on the Web.