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Data-Driven Coach and Matchmaker Emyli Lovz Helps Singles Find Their True Love

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Nowadays trying to find true love is a challenge many eventually give up on. You have to slog through so many incompatible dates before finding your perfect match. But with the help from dating coaches and experts, your love search may not be as time consuming. As a strong advocate for love, Emyli Lovz has what it takes to help singles find exactly what they’re looking for in a partner. By providing personalized coaching and matchmaking, Emyli and her team offer singles the guidance they need along their dating journey. 

Having someone by your side along your dating journey makes all the difference. The truth of the matter is that sometimes we just don’t know where to start when searching for the one. That is why singles often turn to a dating coach or a matchmaker to skip the dreaded search process.

Founder of EmLovz, Emyli Lovz
America’s Dating Coach and Matchmaker, Emyli Lovz works with single men.

Data-driven coach and matchmaker Emyli Lovz decided to be that support system many singles are looking for. She created her own matchmaking company, emlovz. She’s the friend everyone wants and the dating coach that everyone needs. Emyli is an advocate in finding true love and has been ever since her undergrad years at the University of California (UC) at Berkeley. 

Just like many singles eagerly wanting a partner, Emyli had her own journey to find the love of her life. After going through countless dates, she learned that having support along the way would make it easier and faster to find love. That is why emlovz is community-oriented and on a mission to help career-driven single men find the next relationship with a woman they’re excited about.

“Studies show that when you have a supported network around you, you do much better and have a lot more success in life,” Emyli said. “The cool thing about my dating coaching program for men is that it’s a group program where you get to interact with other guys who are going through the exact same thing you’re going through, but you also get advice from a woman.”

Regardless if you’re new to dating or returning to the field, Emyli and her team of experts can help you reach your highest potential. Dating can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right team behind you every step of the way. 

How a 101 Date Experiment Turned Into a Profession

During Emyli’s time at UC Berkeley, she learned the importance of social experiments as a Political Science major. Even though she was enjoying her studies, she wanted to do more to put the lessons into practice in her own life. Emyli is the epitome of putting words into action. She applied what she learned in class to what was relevant to her at the time: Her dating life. 

Emyli eventually created her own social experiment, the 100-date experiment, in which she went through an extensive amount of dates to evaluate if love was real or just something Disney came up with. In this experiment, Emyli dated 52 men for a total of 101 dates. At the end of the experiment, Emyli discovered that she had learned more than what she had anticipated.

Screenshot of 101 date experiment from website.
Through her 101 experiment, Emyli Lovz found that love is real.

“What I found at the end of the experiment was that true love is a thing, and fairytale romances are real, and we can all have that if we pursue it,” Emyli said. 

As you may have already assumed, that experiment led Emyli to become America’s Dating Coach and Matchmaker. Now a true believer of love, she has a strong foundation for her coaching and matchmaking services.

Emyli told us that one major takeaway from the experiment was that being intuitive is not always effective in dating. A lot of singles try to jump into dating before thinking it through, and Emyli said that is how most singles fail. She told us that singles should go into dating with a strategic mindset as it helps create a better foundation and helps prevent repeated patterns that leave you nowhere.  

“We don’t want to keep doing things the same way over and over and expecting different results,” Emyli said. “Stop before you date and create a strategy and really work with an expert that creates strategies that will recover your sanity.”

Creating Happy & Healthy Relationships 

Creating happy and healthy relationships is a goal that everyone has — or should have at least. It’s often been said that a healthy relationship is a happy relationship. It’s just a matter of discovering how to meet the right person and build the life you want. 

Screenshot of review from website.
Singles give thanks to Emyli for her genuine support in their dating journey.

Emyli told us that the lack of effort is the biggest problem that singles face nowadays when trying to seek a healthy relationship. She emphasized how a lot of times people don’t want to put in the work, but if they treated their dating life like their career then they would get the results they’re looking for. 

“Healthy love is totally possible but if you don’t change certain things about your dating habits,  you’ll get the same results. It’s about creating a strategy to get to where you want to go and having help from someone who has done it before,” Emyli advised. 

A lot of single men who utilized Emyl’s aid found it to be rewarding in the end. Emyli encourages singles to learn their attachment style to discover who they are and what type of partner they attract. 

Certain techniques and strategies allow Emyli’s clients to gain perspective on the repeated dating patterns they have when searching for women. This helps them identify healthier dating habits and get in that happy and healthy relationship they always wanted. 

“I had no idea of all the mistakes I was making before joining the coaching program,” said an anonymous single in a review

emlovz: Teach, Motivate, and Strategize With the Pros 

emlovz has a team of experienced coaches and matchmakers who want to do everything within their power to help you win at dating. The team is dedicated to the company’s mission to help singles find love through advice, coaching, and matchmaking. 

Emyli shared that many people model the relationship behavior they saw from their primary caregivers. Sometimes without us even realizing it, that early experience sets us up for how we handle future relationships. So what do you do when you don’t have a healthy relationship to model? 

Screenshot of EmLovz logo.
The emlovz team is on a mission to help singles find their next relationship.

Singles who didn’t learn healthy relationship tactics from their parents should consider emlovz services. The team can model and strategize healthy behaviors for them. Emyli told us that people who are coachable and truly want to find love will be successful throughout the coaching process. 

“The action plan we created together during my first session really paid off! You helped me realize that I had to love myself first and really accept my own unique style,” an emlovz client said in a review

We can expect the same diligence and devotion from the team as the year progresses. Continuing by the motto, “You can find love. Let us show you how,” Emyli and the team are constantly thinking of new ways to tend to their clients’ needs. By using vetted techniques, Emyli encourages singles to take control over their dating lives and make the most of it.

My biggest recommendation is to do 20 dates in 90 days. This is my philosophy of MegaDating. It means dating multiple people at the same time to diffuse your energy and boost your confidence,” said Emyli.