How Can I Find the Right Person Through Online Dating?

Sam Stieler
Sam Stieler Updated:
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When online dating first arrived, it carried with it a well-deserved stigma. Most of the people who frequented online dating hubs didn’t represent truly appealing prospects, causing most normal, high-quality singles to avoid these sites like the plague.

But all of that has changed. Over the last decade, online dating websites have transitioned from a haven for people who can’t get a date on their own, to a home for anyone and everyone who is simply looking to cast a wider net in their search for a real connection.

Finding the right person through online dating requires taking a few simple steps before you start browsing profiles and sending messages.

First, you need to have some idea of what you’re looking for in a partner. You can weed through potential candidates faster and only message those people who you have a real chance of forming a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Second, you need to remember that looks aren’t everything! Instead of simply messaging the most physically attractive members of these sites without even reading their profile first, take a few minutes to try and get a feel for the person behind the photos.

Finally, take the time to send high-quality messages to those people you’re legitimately attracted to. You don’t need to send a 10-page, soul-baring essay to explain why you and this other person are clearly destined to be together, but you do need to send a message that asks something truly unique about the individual you’re interested in getting to know better.