How To Find Great Girls Through Online Dating

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How to Find Great Women Through Online Dating

Kara Pound
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When you’re online dating, sifting through a bunch of subpar love connections to find a girl worth dating can get overwhelming. Most likely the reason you’re online dating is because you’re a busy guy with work, family, friends and hobbies. You don’t want to waste your time or anyone else’s time for that matter. Therefore, e-meeting the girl of your dreams seems like a stellar idea. So how do you do it efficiently? How do you find that diamond in the rough? He are a three pointers to finding Miss Right or, at the very least, a woman you’re interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with.

Tip #1

When you’re chatting through a dating site, set a few standard rules for yourself and adhere to them. For example, if you’re sick of being strung along with promises of an in-person meet and greet, then form a statute of limitations. If the woman doesn’t agree to a date within a week, then she’s more interested in the online part of online dating. If she’s flighty and rarely returns messages, then she’s not committed to finding true love. If you’re 100 percent committed to finding the girl of your dreams, then look for ladies who seem equally as committed.

Tip #2

Gold diggers need not apply. Online dating can make it difficult to judge a woman’s intentions when it comes to finding a man. Is she looking for true love and a lifetime partner? Or is she more interested in finding a guy who will take her on vacations and spoil her with expensive gifts? Stay vigilant. When you’re e-meeting someone, pay special attention to what they’re most curious about when it comes to you as a person. Does she want to know if you volunteer for childrens charities, or does she want to know if you have a second home?

Tip #3

Don’t judge the profile picture too harshly. Of course we all want to be in a relationship with someone we’re physically attracted to, but you don’t need to marry a supermodel. If that’s all you’re looking at, then you’re going to be searching for Miss Right your whole life. Some woman exaggerate their profile pictures or post photos from “their glory days,” while others are more subdued. For example, if you read a girl’s profile and she looks perfect, but you’re on the fence because you don’t usually date brunettes, then get over yourself and strike up a conversation.

These days, a lot of men don’t have a ton of free time to go out, socialize and search for a future wife. That’s why online dating is a great way to make connections, explore those connections and hopefully live happily ever after. Just stay vigilant and adhere to the promises you make for yourself. And look for those who are worth looking for.