How To Meet Women In College

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How to Meet Women in College

Sam Stieler
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College is an incredible time in your life for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the opportunity it gives you to meet a large assortment of high-quality women. Not only will college provide you with your first chance to experience an adult, mature relationship, it also provides you with the ability to indulge in the more frivolous and casual dating experiences that living at home with your parents disallows.

In fact, meeting women and developing your dating and relationship skills is arguably as important as gaining mentors, attending class and attaining a level of clarity surrounding what you want out of your life.

So don’t waste your four years with your nose in a book. Go out there and meet some women in college using the following tips and tricks!

Engage with your classmates.

If you attend class, stay quiet, fail to connect with any of your classmates, study and complete your work alone, then you aren’t going to meet any women. Yet, if you participate in class, if you actively talk to your classmates, if you opt to study and complete your assignments with others, then you will naturally and automatically meet plenty of women.

Like so many aspects of college, and even life after college, meeting women comes down to nothing more than making the choice to share as many of your experiences with others, rather than choosing to head off on your own all the time.

And sharing a class with women gives you a natural excuse to spend time with women you find attractive and ways to get to know them better. You have something concrete to offer them (assistance or at least companionship while tackling your shared challenges), and while you won’t develop a “more than friends” connection with every woman you study with, you will at least expand your social sphere and develop your ability to interact with women, both of which will lead to greater success in your dating life.


“Just because you’re in college, it doesn’t mean

you only need to meet women from your

school or women who attend college.”

Extracurricular activities.

Can you meet all the women you need from classes? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cast a wide net when searching for a woman who will change your life for the better. Extracurricular activities, such as playing on a co-ed sports team, joining a club, acting in theater productions, or pledging to a fraternity, offer great ways to meet all sorts of women.

In fact, extracurricular activities can sometimes offer an even better way to meet women than through class. Extracurricular activities allow you to meet different types of women with different majors and different interests, they allow you to meet women in a more low-key environment than class, and if you major in a predominantly male discipline (such as engineering), then extracurricular activities offer you perhaps your only chance to meet women during college.

Leave campus.

Finally, just because you’re in college, it doesn’t mean you only need to meet women from your school or women who attend college. If you live in a decently sized city, then leaving campus and exploring your new home will provide you with countless opportunities to meet women, while simultaneously helping you develop the sort of dating skills and real-world savvy that will last you well beyond your four years of matriculation.