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Dating Support for Christians, from the Early Stages of Dating to Marriage

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The Short Version: Marriage Sharing is a robust online resource for Christian singles and couples who want to improve their relationships with themselves, each other, and God. Chaplain Felice Mathieu is a Christian Marriage Coach and the person behind Marriage Sharing. Felice talked to us about the website and his coaching offerings, plus gave Christian daters some tips for navigating the dating scene with faith.

Dating goes best when you know who you are and what you want, and those are pretty big questions to know the answer to. While self-discovery certainly happens throughout the dating journey, if you want to find secure and healthy relationships, you should seek them from a secure and healthy place.

Luckily, resources, support, and education about healthy relationships abound on the internet, and it’s up to daters to find materials they connect with. Christian singles navigate the dating world with a special set of standards and a unique outlook on what makes a relationship fruitful, so they should make sure they’re leaning on resources that understand this perspective.

Chaplain Felice Mathieu is a Christian Marriage Coach and the voice behind Marriage Sharing. Marriage Sharing is the one-stop online hub for Christian singles who want to navigate dating and marriage with their faith at the center.

Felice talked to us about some of the areas Christian daters seek support with and what Christian singles should think about as they search for a spouse who will uplift and nurture them. 

“Marriage Sharing is a great online resource for dating from a Christian perspective,” Felice said. “We touch on all stages of relationships– everything from dating to marriage.”

Leading Couples Through Relationships With Faith

“I’ve been looking at relationships and marriages for a while, and every time, it’s really nothing new,” Felice said. “The number one problem for most couples is communication and a lot of other things settle under that umbrella.”

Marriage Sharing’s resources focus heavily on communication and all its different aspects. Couples who establish healthy communication habits early on in their relationship will encounter fewer challenges with communication in the future.

chaplain felice mathieu
Chaplain Felice Mathieu supports Christian couples up to and through marriage.

Christians who are navigating dating often want guidance that incorporates elements of their faith and provides advice based on those elements. Felice said Christians should seek faith-based resources first and ensure these resources are in line with their beliefs.

“Everyone experiences the same issues in relationships, and different people call these problems different things,” Felice said. “Whether it’s selfishness, or lying, or cheating, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, I think we just turn to a different source for solutions.”

Resources for Each Step Toward Marriage

Marriage Sharing’s blog articles cover various topics relevant to Christian daters and couples. A few recent posts include “20 Bible Verses for Long Distance Relationships” and “How Do You Date in NYC in Your 30s?”

Blog posts offer readers a Christian perspective on common dating questions, plus specific topics for Christian couples, like “What Are Some Bible Verses for My Husband?” and “What Does the Bible Say About Sexless Marriage?”

marriage sharing
Marriage Sharing supports marriage-oriented Christian singles and couples.

Marriage Sharing’s resources are organized into categories, so singles and couples at different stages of the journey can find information that’s useful for them. The site’s categories include Getting Married and Married Life.

In the Getting Married category, couples can find resources for dating, engagement, and marriage preparation. Marriage Sharing has a blog post, reflection, or educational resource for nearly every high and low point a couple can encounter.

Married couples can check out Marriage Sharing’s Married Life section. This section covers communication, love, and respect and was designed for couples who are looking to do the regular daily upkeep for their marriage.

Spiritual Guidance Helps Couples Grow Strong

Felice said Christian daters will have the best dating experience when they stay in touch with who they are, who they’re looking for, and how their faith and religious expression shape these ideas.

“People quickly find, once they’re in a relationship and not single anymore, specifically once they’re married, that real relationships test your character in a lot of different ways,” Felice said.

It can be easy to find quick fault in a partner, but Felice said strong marriages are built when both parties seek their own shortcomings first. “True, great relationships and being great for your partner revolves around progressive and consistent character development. It’s about the inner work,” he said.

marriage sharing
Marriage Sharing offers blog posts, community support groups, and coaching for Christian couples.

Felice and Marriage Sharing support Christian marriages beyond blog posts and education resources. Felice offers marriage coaching for couples who need extra support and can also connect couples with therapy and other kinds of counseling.

All of Marriage Sharing’s offerings focus on supporting married couples who uplift, support, and love each other. Even the best couples and marriages struggle, and these periods of struggle often require extra attention to make sure the relationship makes it through.

“Personally, I believe a relationship with someone perfect for you is going to highlight the imperfect areas of yourself,” Felice said. “It’s about developing a mentality of ‘we,’ rather than ‘me.’ because it’s not just about you anymore. It’s about the whole– your marriage– and what’s good for it.”