Qapital Assists Couples With Wedding Budgets

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Qapital’s Dream Team Can Assist Couples With Their Wedding Budgets

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The Short Version: It’s no secret that weddings can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s helpful to have a set budget in mind on how much you and your partner are willing to spend. The Qapital app is a resourceful money management tool that couples can use to help plan their dream wedding without going bankrupt. Qapital reminds couples that you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a memorable wedding. By taking the stress out of budgeting and saving, Qapital guides couples to set and meet shared financial goals for their wedding, honeymoon, and beyond.

Finances are a big part of a relationship. Once a couple decides to take the step to say “I do,” the daunting discussion of merging finances has to occur. In a healthy relationship, couples have to determine together what works best for them. They have to discuss their financial short and long-term goals, their savings, and extra spending accounts. 

Qapital Co-Founders
Co-Founders and CEOs of Qapital, Katherine Salisbury and George Friedman.

This sounds like a lot of work, so some people try to avoid the finances conversation altogether. But with the help of the money management app Qapital, couples don’t have to be financial experts to achieve financial security in their personal lives. Learning how to budget together doesn’t need to be a strain.

Qapital can help couples plan their weddings by providing the best solutions on how to save and how much to spend.

Qapital was founded by CEOs and life partners Katherine Salisbury and George Friedman. Katherine and George first thought of the Qapital app when they realized that the combination of their growing family and growing money stress was taking over. The simple tracking of their finances from a traditional joint account didn’t work in their favor.

Katherine and George created Qapital as a solution to their own personal money management headaches, and they designed Qapital Dream Team for couples, families, and other teams with shared financial goals.

Since its launch, Qapital has saved a lot of bank accounts from overdrafts and reduced the number of financial arguments. Qapital combines behavioral science and the power of automation to help individuals and couples reach their financial goals.  

“This is hands down the easiest way to save (and invest) money that I have ever come across in my life. I have never been great at saving and know nothing about investing, but this app does all the heavy lifting,” said Aimee Royer, a Qapital user in a review

Saving More Cash With Less Effort

Saving isn’t always a fun thing to do, but it’s important. And if you’re like me, sometimes you have to learn it the hard way that as painful as the saving can be, it can save you in the end. 

The Qapital team believes that saving doesn’t have to be as stressful. Couples can save tons of money through the Qapital app without having to change their lifestyle too much. From microsaving to PayDay Divvy, Qapital has resources for staying in control throughout the savings journey.

The Spending Sweet Spot tool allows users to customize a budget that fits their spending habits and income. It sends notifications regarding spending, so couples can stay mindful of their budgets and adjust as they go. The tool also offers a weekly spending rating where Qapital users can keep tabs on how they feel about their spending habits that week. The goal of the tool isn’t to restrict splurges on romantic dinners or gifts, but to help couples find that sweet spot where they feel good about money well spent.

Screenshot from Qapital.
Qapital help people feel good about saving and investing their money.

Qapital helps users take the stress out of money management by using behavioral science and automation. Qapital supports efforts to save, invest, and spent money wisely, helping people hit their money management goals, whether they’re budgeting for a wedding or planning for early retirement.

Katherine shared many tips on saving up for a wedding, and one thing she emphasized was to make sure you’re having fun with a budget. When you put too much stress on saving, it becomes a hassle rather than a step forward in the right direction. Katherine suggests that couples set up challenges for themselves. It could be as simple as making Sundays their meal-prep day or canceling a subscription that they don’t necessarily use. By being more conscious of their spending, they can add to their savings and, before they know it, reach their goal with minimum effort. 

Leveraging behavioral psychology, Qapital has an entertaining savings challenge called Money Missions that help people unlock helpful insights on how to utilize their money and receive tips on how to improve their finances. This challenge has helped many Qapital users learn that saving money isn’t about sticking to a strict method but learning what works best for them.

“In just a couple of months, I’ve managed to save 25%-50% of my goals. I’m surprised that I’ve saved this much without really changing my spending habits. I think that is so cool!” said a Qapital user in a review

Managing Money Better Together

Creating a shared financial life with another person certainly has its challenges, but it can be rewarding in the end. Qapital is all about working together to reach a common goal. Qapital is the epiphany of the phrase, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Couples don’t have to figure out how to budget alone because the Qapital team is always available via the app and ready to help. 

The main stressor that couples face when planning a wedding is how to manage their finances. Disagreements and frustration are bound to happen when disorganization is present. Thankfully, Qapital is a go-to app for couples that want to organize their finances before their big day. 

Screenshot from Qapital.
Couples can pick and choose what they would like to share with others on the app.

Dream Team™ is a new Qapital product designed to help couples (or any team) stay organized with their finances. Dream Team allows users to aggregate accounts into a shared dashboard so that they can set up goals and work toward reaching their goals together. Katherine told us that there is even an in-app communication platform that helps remove the stress of shared money management and makes one less thing couples have to worry about while planning for their special day.

“Keep each other motivated to reach your shared goals–and achieve them faster. With Qapital Dream Team, you and your partner can share financial goals, balances, and other account info to help you communicate better about finances and reach your goals faster together,” said Katherine. 

Couples can personalize joint money management on the app. Since Qapital Dream Team was built by couples for couples, the app has useful features that fit the lifestyles of a dual-income household. Qapital even has an option for couples to choose what information they wish to share with their partner. According to the Qapital team, this option helps couples who prefer to bank separately but have common goals they want to reach together. 

Qapital: An Award-Winning App to the Rescue

The Apple App Store has recognized Qapital as the best app for saving, and Lifewire Tech for Humans named it the most-fun savings app. With over 100,000 five-star reviews, Qapital is not only a popular app but credible as well. Katherine said that Qapital can help couples with their weddings, honeymoons, and their future financial goals. 

Qapital encourages its users to set realistic goals for themselves and determine what makes them happy. Katherine’s top financial tip is to prioritize your happiness when setting a budget. Couples can make better money decisions when they understand who they are and what they want. For instance, you shouldn’t unsubscribe from Netflix or Hulu if you love to binge-watch TV shows on your date nights. 

“Write down what is important to you and what makes you happy. This will help guide your goals and budget. You’ll be better able to make necessary tradeoffs to reach your goals based on what you want,” said Katherine. “At Qapital, we think that financial success isn’t about how much money you have, but rather about your confidence and control over it, and your ability to put it toward the things that bring you happiness.”

While Qapital can offer tips and tools for financial wellness, it’s ultimately up to you to carry out the mission to financial success. Qapital does a great job in automating finance tracking to help couples stay on budget and reach their goals. Whether it’s a luxurious honeymoon or a down payment for a new home, Qapital gives couples the chance to still dream big together.

Qapital has many affordable plans that people can choose from. With no hidden fees attached, people can try a free 30-day trial to see if Qapital is for them. After the trial, people can start with a basic for as little as $3 a month, or they can pay $12 a month for the premier plan. Thanks to the insights from the Qapital team, all plans lead to money happiness.