Should I Pick My Friends Over My Girlfriend?

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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This is by no means a black and white topic. There are hundreds of variables that come into play when answering this type of question. Let’s look at two of them: one where you should choose your girlfriend and one where you should choose your buddies.

Example A:

If your girlfriend is one step from becoming your fiance, then you should always choose her. I mean, you plan on spending every day together for the rest of your life. Why would it matter if that day is spent at a ballpark or at a ballet?

If your girlfriend has given you ample warning time that the activity is important to her and you agreed to go, then not even free tickets to tonight’s football game can get you out of it. Tell your bros you’re sorry and there’s always next weekend.

Example B:

Let’s say you’ve been dating this girl for roughly two months and she bombards you with an invite to her neighbor’s last-minute wedding. You have a weekend planned with your frat brothers, a trip you’ve taken together for the past 10 years. Plus, you already bought a plane ticket and paid for the hotel.

Your new girlfriend is giving you a really hard time about it and says you should always choose her over the guys and she won’t have anyone to dance with at the wedding. This is a situation where you can absolutely pick your friends over your girlfriend.

You made a commitment to your buddies before you were even extended an invite to see Bob and Shirley, who are some random next door neighbors of your newish girlfriend, exchange vows.