I Think She Likes Me. What’s Your Opinion of Our Relationship?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

This situation involves a girl I’m interested in who I met just over a month ago.

She seems to be a fairly popular girl, so I’m cautious about overestimating what her opinion of me is.

The first time I tried to contact her was through text, although that led to absolutely nothing. After that, I decided to call her by phone, and that was phenomenally more successful.

I suggested we should hang out and she accepted. In retrospect, I feel my handling of that situation was too ambivalent in respect to my intentions, so I’m planning to give her a call to make it clear that I do intend our “hangout” to be a date.

While I’m cautiously optimistic and assume she has a liking for me, if not necessarily one that is romantic, I’d like to know how the character of this relationship appears to others and act accordingly depending on their judgement.

-J.G. (England)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:


I think you need to take a step back, go on your hangout/date and not put so many expectations on it. Considering you’ve only known each other a month, you don’t need to forcibly define your intentions or make her determine hers yet either.

She said yes to hanging out. Wonderful! That’s a great first step to actually getting to know one another. If you’re both into it, it will advance to where it’s supposed to go naturally. Don’t overthink it!

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