Why I Enjoy Online Dating

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Why I Enjoy Online Dating

David Wygant
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I like online dating. There are also things about online dating I don’t care for.

What I love about it is how using these sites makes you feel like a little kid all over again.

Remember when you were a little boy and you went to school and you had a crush who you saw every morning in class and one day you talked to her and she was mean to you?

And the next day you woke up, went to school, and you had a new crush that day. You basically got a crush on just about every cute girl there was in school. And you never seemed to run out.

It’s the same thing with online dating.

Every morning I wake up.  I get these hot matches in my inbox.

I go, check out a few profiles, and then I’ve got a new crush again.

It’s so much fun. It makes you feel like a little boy.

The problem is, you’re constantly getting ignored.

No matter how great your profile is, no matter how good looking you might be, no matter how great of a writer you are, no matter how great the email is you send her — you’re competing with 25 other emails per week in her inbox.

That’s a lot.


“You should allow yourself to

have a crush every morning.”

You are basically playing a game of chance.

But it doesn’t matter, because what online dating shows you is the abundant supply of women in the dating world. You might as well look at women as a commodity right now because you are online dating and you are looking to buy.

There is an endless supply of women every morning in your inbox.  It’s the best way to wake up.

So here’s the deal, guys: Online dating takes a lot of skill.

You must be a good writer; you must have a great profile; you must have good pictures.

You can learn how to do all this stuff. It’s not hard to do.

But the most important thing is you should allow yourself to have a crush every morning.

You should send a great email to a few women every day.

And then, at some point during the day, you’ll find a message from a special someone in your inbox.

Because that’s how life works.

Have thick skin, don’t worry about the ones that don’t get back to you, and realize there’s an endless supply of new crushes to be had every single day.

All right, I’m done. I’m going back online. I’m going to check out today’s matches and see what damage I can do.

Have fun, guys.