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10 Best Makeover Experts of 2024

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Most anthropologists agree that humans started wearing some sort of habitual clothing at some point between 83,000 and 170,000 years ago. Clothing is distinctly human, and the importance of clothing extends into our romantic lives in a big way. 

Try to remember the last time you got dressed for a first date. Pretty stressful, right? Now, remember the first thing you noticed about your date. Was it what they were wearing? The clothes we wear say so much about our backgrounds, identities, and values. Sometimes, we need a little help making our outfits and wardrobes come together. 

That’s where makeover experts come in. These style professionals help clients curate wardrobes that exude confidence, style, and individuality. With the help of a makeover expert, singles can not only revamp their look but add an extra oomph to their dating experience. 

Lisa Maria Pippus | Abigail Cole Hardin | Amanda Sanders | Carol Davidson | Bethany Siggins | Edith Chan | Ginger Burr | Elaine Stoltz | Bruce Pflaumer | Aileen Lane 

Lisa Maria Pippus helps her clients express themselves through a small, minimalist wardrobe. Lisa Maria studied fashion design in Toronto and Milan, where she developed her own style aesthetic that centered around a minimal wardrobe that exuded sophistication. To Lisa Maria, the clothes a person wears are a communication tool and should express that person in all their complexity.

Lisa Maria guides her clients by helping them build a 35-item minimalist wardrobe. Many of Lisa Maria’s clients are highly educated and accomplished professionals, yet struggle with finding clothing that translates their expertise and talent. She focuses on collecting items that are classy and unique, and she also teaches her clients how to accessorize in a way that is unique to them. 

Best for: Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Abigail Cole Hardin knows that when people lose confidence, they lose opportunities to live their best lives. This is the inspiration behind her image consulting service, Inside Out Image Consulting, which helps men and women discover their best selves and regain their confidence. Abigail founded Inside Out Image Consulting to instill in her clients a confidence that comes from within.

Abigail developed the M.A.P. Process for image consulting, which stands for mindset, appearance, and presence. The process focuses on developing a healthy mindset for her clients and then moves on to cultivating an outward appearance that expresses that inner mindset. The final step is attending to the presence of a client, which is when Abigail teaches clients how to develop their posture and body language to display confidence.

Best for: Holistic Image Consulting

Amanda Sanders is a lifestyle consultant and lifestyle concierge who offers full makeover and styling services for women. Amanda is the lead stylist for New York Image Consultant and holds years of diverse work experience within television, film, and Hollywood. Through her formal training at the School of Fine Arts at Boston University and years of professional experience, Amanda has developed a knack for transforming her clients’ looks.

Styling yourself can be stressful, and that’s why Amanda offers a variety of services to overhaul a client’s look. From fashion makeovers to personal hair styling, Amanda has a service that suits the needs of virtually any client. One’s personal image goes beyond clothes and hairstyles, so Amanda also offers services that attend to fitness and nutrition concerns.

Best for: Complete Makeovers for Women

When Carol Davidson realized that her wardrobe could be a tool for communication, everything about how she styled herself changed. She learned to highlight her best qualities through the clothes she wore, the posture she held, and the ways she styled her hair and did her makeup. Carol is a Certified Life and Style Coach with over 20 years of personal image consulting services.

Carol helps her clients shine with her variety of personal styling services. She offers color analysis, style and image consultation, wardrobe reviews, personal shopping, and even on-demand styling services. Clients can find a service that suits their needs, whether an a la carte pick or a full styling package. Clients who want some extra support in addition to personal image consulting can also go to Carol for life coaching services.

Best for: Life Coaching & Personal Styling Services

Bethany Siggins spent years trying to keep up with shifty fashion trends before discovering her own personal style. Today, her style acts as a visual representation of her most authentic self, and she wants to give others the tools they need to step into their own personal style. It can be hard to make changes to physical presentation, but Bethany believes that the transformation is worth it.

Clients interested in working with Bethany will start out with a free consultation. During the consultation, the client and Bethany will discuss the best course of action for personal styling. Depending on a client’s needs, Bethany will help them with defining their personal style, finding great pieces while shopping, or completing a color analysis. Bethany takes a hands-on approach and works closely with her clients to ensure their personal style needs are met.

Best for: Discovering Personal Style Preferences

Edith Chan


Edith Chan is a personal branding and confidence coach with over 20 years of experience in personal styling. She’s overseen stylist teams for the likes of Cartier, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang. Edith’s styling philosophy is that each client is unique and requires a personalized approach. Edith focuses on her clients’ innate beauty, using her styling skills to highlight their features and personality. 

Edith helps men and women discover their personal style, learn how to shop for themselves, and elevate their self-image. She attends to both the internal and external needs of her clients by offering mindset coaching, image consulting and personal branding. Edith helps her clients create a well-rounded and authentic personal brand.

Best for: International Personal Image Consulting Services

Ginger Burr wants to empower women to feel good about themselves – on the inside and out. It took Ginger a while to discover her own personal style, but when she did, she noticed how the discovery transformed her life in many positive ways. However, she found many aspects of the fashion and personal image consulting industry to be negative, toxic, and not empowering.

That’s why Ginger takes an intuitive, compassionate, and gentle approach with her clients. Instead of telling them what to wear or how to style themselves, she guides them on a journey of figuring it out for themselves. She specializes in helping women over 40 and offers online personal style courses, color analysis, guided group shopping, and more. 

Best for: Image Consulting for Women Over 40

Elaine Stoltz is one of 15 Certified Image Masters in the world, and holds over 30 years of experience working as a personal stylist for women. Elaine’s expertise lies in custom color analysis, and she prides herself on offering highly advanced and accurate color analyses for her clients. Elaine’s diverse experience in personal image consulting means she can meet the varied needs of her clients.

Women interested in working with Elaine can schedule an introductory consultation. During the consultation, Elaine helps clients determine which of her services will best suit them. Most clients can benefit from a color analysis, which will teach them which colors and tones suit them best and complement their natural beauty. Beyond color analysis, Elaine offers a wide variety of services, from cosmetic makeovers to personal shopping.

Best for: Custom Color Analysis 

Bruce Pflaumer is the founder and style expert behind the personal styling group Michael Bruce Image Consulting. Bruce has over 25 years of experience in the personal styling industry and works with a diverse group of clients, from Fortune 1000 CEOs and television personalities to teenagers and people going through a major life transition. Bruce said he believes developing a strong sense of personal style is an avenue to self-actualization.

Bruce and his team are based in the Seattle area and work closely with each of their clients. Clients will start by taking a Personal Style Assessment, and then a Michael Bruce stylist will help them explore their closet and come up with a personal style game plan. Bruce gets to know each of his clients so he can provide them with a style that shows off their genuine selves. 

Best for: Men Who Want A Style Refresh

Aileen Lane is a personal stylist who teaches other personal stylists how to make the most of their business. When she founded her own personal image consulting business in 2006, she faced the reality of being self-employed and running a small business. She struggled to find clients and make a living doing the work she was passionate about. 

Aileen learned the hard way what it takes to make a successful personal image consulting business, and now she’s sharing her wisdom with other personal stylists. She offers mentorship classes that cover the basics of building and maintaining a flourishing business, plus classes that teach stylists how to do color analyses and take their services online.

Best for: Mentorship for Personal Image Consultants 

It’s easy for clothes to become a habit – many of us get dressed and ready in the morning without giving too much thought to the way our clothes make us feel. Even when the clothes we wear don’t serve us well, the style choices we’ve always made can be hard to change.

With the help of a dedicated makeover expert, singles can step into a more authentic expression of themselves. They can learn to express their inner confidence and identity through outward appearance. And you know what people say about dating – confidence is everything!