Biird Introduces Namii To Stimulate Pleasure

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Biird Introduces Namii™ — a Stimulating Product That Sends Waves of Feeling Through Women’s Bodies

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Biird is a company dedicated to helping people enjoy healthy and satisfying sex lives. The Netherlands-based team touts that it is female-led and pleasure-positive, and the company is making sex toys that change the game in the bedroom. Biird recently released the Namii™ clitoral stimulator to support women’s gratification in solo and coupled sexual acts. Namii™ has a unique design that focuses on pleasure centers and provides hands-free erotic stimulation.

As a young woman, I did not receive much sexual education beyond how not to get pregnant or catch an STD. The Talk gave me some basic information, but skipped over many details. For example, the idea of an orgasm wasn’t something the adults in my life ever mentioned. Instead, it took a few honest late-night conversations with friends and some careful incognito web searching for me to really learn about how women experience sexual pleasure.

The societal taboo against talking openly about sex can hold people back from having a healthy and pleasurable sex life. It can also create feelings of shame or confusion when it comes to intimacy or self-gratification. But sex is a natural part of life, and sex-positive companies like Biird aim to help women become more comfortable making their pleasure a priority.

Biird logo
Biird is a Netherlands company that offers sex-positive products.

Biird encourages women to dive into their desires, regardless of their relationship status, and take control of their own sexual satisfaction.

Biird is a female-led company that designs sex toys (mostly vibrators for clitoral stimulation) and promotes a sex-positive space to learn about how to increase pleasure and leave shame behind.

The newest product on Biird’s website is Namii™, which is named after the Japanese word for “waves.” Namii™ uses a combination of vibration and suction features to stimulate the clitoris and send waves of pleasure through a woman’s body. The sex toy is made to be used hands-free, and it can be used with a partner or solo.

Biird offers Namii™ to single and coupled women who are looking for a sexual release and want to crank their pleasure up a notch during sex acts.

“Our mission at Biird is to dispel the taboo surrounding sex toys and other products designed specifically to make you feel good,” the Biird team says on the website. “Well-designed pleasure should be available to all, not just people ‘in the know.’”

Namii™ Uses Suction & Vibration to Enhance Pleasure

The Namii™ sex toy is made out of silicone, which gives it a flexible and ultra-squishy feel. Its shape makes it easy to wedge between your thighs, so you won’t need to hold it in your hand to maneuver it. 

Namii™ offers five suction intensities that range from a subtle “light whisper” sensation to an intense high-contact setting that women won’t soon forget. The vibrator gives women control over the pressure and suction intensity, so it’s easy to get the right rhythm going to maximize sexual satisfaction.

As an added benefit, Namii™ has a separate vibrating function that can be used in conjunction with the suction feature to increase stimulation on the most sensitive areas.

Photo of Namii
The unique shape and silicon exterior allows for hands-free usage.

Biird offers this two-in-one clitoral stimulator to women of all ages and backgrounds. 

Another feature that makes Namii™ unique as a sex toy is its elegant magnetic charging base that can serve as a mood light during intimate bedroom moments. 

“Namii comes with a wireless charging base that doubles as a bedside lamp to help you set the perfect mood. Namii is fully waterproof and can be taken in the bath or shower,” the team explains.

Namii™ has a special design that focuses attention on the pleasure centers on a woman’s body. It is made for external use with most of its suction and vibrating action directed toward the clitoris and its surrounding area.

“Sexual partners and traditional vibrators only stimulate the clitoral tip, but suction sex toys stimulate the entire clitoral structure, leading to full-bodied orgasms,” said Biird contributor Ellie Cooper in a blog post.

A Sex-Positive Brand With an Enlightened Perspective

Based in the Netherlands, Biird has a collection of female-friendly merch that promotes an empowering and sex-positive lifestyle. Its products include unique sex toys and earrings shaped like female anatomy.

The website also has a blog called “The Nest” with posts by sexual experts who answer questions about health, anatomy, and orgasms. The articles provide an unblushing guide to discovering pleasure with a partner or on one’s own, and it can give couples ideas for new positions or techniques to try.

Biird equips sexually active adults to be more cognizant of their bodies and their natural desires. The blog provides practical insight into traditionally taboo topics, and the company’s specially designed sex toys can help people act on that newfound knowledge.

Namii™ can be a woman’s secret wingman on lonely nights, or it can be a fun experiment for couples to try together.

Photo from the Biird website
Namii is a waterproof sex toy designed by women for women.

Namii™ comes in three pastel colors – lilac, peach, and mint – and its soft silicone texture is safe to use on sensitive parts of the body. The sex toy and its charging station are currently priced at $119, sales tax included. 

For every purchase of a Biird sex toy, a tree is planted to offset the company’s carbon footprint. Biird has partnered with a nonprofit organization called One Tree Planted to support global reforestation.

The Biird team puts a lot of thought and effort into making products that have a positive impact on women and on the world. The team designed Namii™ to support a woman’s sexual pleasure, and every feature is designed to meet her needs. 

Namii™ is a sleek, discreet, and efficient tool for private pleasure. The vibrator even has a Travel Lock, so women can pack and carry it in suitcases or purses without having to worry about it suddenly switching on.

How confident is the Biird team that Namii™ will satisfy women? Enough to put a guarantee on it. The Biird team offers a 5-Year Pleasure Guarantee for Namii. According to the team, “If something were to happen to your Namii outside of the legal warranty period, we’ll give you a 50% discount voucher for your next purchase.”

Biird Empowers Women to Reach for Their Bliss

Looking back, I understand why my family and teachers wanted to impress upon me the negative consequences of unprotected sex. But what about the consequences of unfulfilled sex? Now that I’m an adult, I know that a healthy and satisfying sex life involves more than just using protection.

With greater self-knowledge and clearer communication, women can bring more empowerment to the bedroom and have their sexual desires and needs met with more positivity.

Modern women don’t need to rely on a partner to get them where they want to be. Thanks to Biird, women can take their orgasm into their own hands, so to speak, and use female-centric sex toys to enhance their pleasure during partnered sex or masturbation.

“We’re proud of what we do and that translates in the quality of our products,” the Biird team said. “Namii was built to the highest standards and uses best-in-class materials.”