How Affectionate is Too Affectionate?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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Men and women are both susceptible to the problem of being too eager with their affection. Every man appreciates the attention, fond gaze and tender touch of a lady, but there is a point at which too much sweetness becomes cloying and engages our gag reflex. Affection is something that should be returned in kind.

For most men, the amount of privacy is also important when it comes to displaying affection, especially in the early stages. Plopping down on his lap and showering him with too many hugs and kisses the first time he is among your family members or friends may make him feel very ill at ease.

For some men, kissing must always be a very private thing, while others are OK with public displays of affection.

You can help a shy guy relax and warm up. But the best advice is to take the cues from him, and don’t get more than one step ahead.

If he takes your hand, you take his arm and put your head on his shoulder. If he puts his arm around you, you give him a smile and snuggle up with a peck on the cheek. If he kisses your forehead, you put your face close and pucker – but wait for him to initiate the lip lock.

Just try to remember the way those adoring geeks with braces looked at you in high school and how nauseous it made you feel. Don’t be like those geeks.