How To Love Again

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How to Love Again

Kara Pound
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There is nothing that makes me sadder than to see a woman who is going through a breakup and doesn’t think she’ll ever fall in love again. Was he really that amazing — your ex? Was he the wind beneath your wings? Did he light your fire?

I could come up with thousands of annoying song lyrics to get my point across, but let’s be frank — breakups suck. But let’s be even more frank, you will love again.

The following are five steps to make sure you will find another man to tell you, “You look wonderful tonight.”

1. Keep living.

Don’t stop your daily routine, don’t call in sick to work, and don’t turn down invitations to movies, concerts, happy hour, family functions and the like.

2. Be open.

Don’t shut yourself off to finding love again. Haven’t you heard the saying, “Look for those who are looking”? Look men in the eyes, be coy and cute, and continue to give the vibe that you are interested in love.

3. The end is the end.

Please don’t beg for him to come back unless you did something stupidly wrong. If he broke up with you because “it just wasn’t working out,” then face up to that and move on. Leaving him 50 voice mails in one evening won’t change his mind. Though it might result in a restraining order.

4. Don’t poop where you eat.

Yes, not an attractive saying. But basically, don’t try and move on from Mr. X with his brother, best friend or roommate. That will do nothing except create unwanted and unneeded drama.

5. Try something new.

Have you always wanted to take voice lessons? Is your back porch in dire need of an herb garden? Are your legs meant to wear ballet flats and do pirouettes?

Spend the time you once had with the ex beau and do something for yourself — something you’ve always wanted to do.

First off, I’m sorry. Breakups suck and they seem to last way too long. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am 99 percent sure of this.

Just be open to finding new love, keep living your life, and don’t become one of those crazy, stalker chicks who is constantly driving by the old flame’s house.