Is Searching For Mr Right Keeping You From Love

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Is Searching for Mr. Right Keeping You from Love?

Kara Pound
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According to the United States Census Bureau, the world population is just over seven billion. The existence of “Mr. Right” (a.k.a. your soul mate) is a sticky subject. Against my better judgment, let’s say for argument’s sake that he does exist. What are the chances of you finding him among the billions of people roaming planet Earth?

If you’re constantly searching for Mr. Right, then you’re going to miss out on some really great guys in the process. This doesn’t mean women should settle and stop searching for true love or a life partner. It means that women should stop thinking the grass is always greener on the other side and look at the men right in front of them. Give each man you meet an equal chance at becoming Mr. Right.

Who exactly is “Mr. Right”?

It doesn’t mean that upon meeting this perfect male subject, “Pachelbel’s Canon” starts playing, the wind picks up and champagne starts pouring freely. It means you’ve found a man who has a few quirks and a couple of annoying habits, but you genuinely and unconditionally love him despite them.

What are the chances you’ve passed by a few really great guys because you couldn’t unconditionally accept small flaws like crumbs on the counter or dirty clothes on the bedroom floor? Is it possible you’re looking for a fairytale where the prince rides in a horse-drawn carriage, has perfectly coiffed blonde hair and fights evil dragons in honor of your love?

Give him a chance.

Take this advice: The next time you meet a sweet guy who drives a Honda, has a stable job, passion for hobbies, a great relationship with family and friends, similar morals and ethics to you and a positive outlook on life, spend more time getting to know him rather than assume he’s not Mr. Right because he dresses differently than “The One” you’ve burned into your psyche.