How To Meet Men In College

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How to Meet Men in College

Lauren Hostert
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“College is the best four years of your life,” said everyone, ever. With so many preconceived expectations thrust upon us by friends, siblings and even parents, it’s easy to feel like spending your Friday night in the library actually having to study isn’t living up to the hype. Before you get frustrated and resign yourself to a life of moo-moo dresses and feline friends, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your college dating opportunities.

1. Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re anything like me and padded out your course load with Modern Dance (1 and 2!) to avoid picking a major, you know what guy I’m talking about. That guy who took a class or joined a club because he thought it would help him meet girls by being the only nonfemale there. It probably didn’t work out for him, and he probably didn’t express colors with shimmying very well either.

Girls can be that guy, too. If you think football is boring and you’re not really into video games, don’t pretend you are. Get involved with the things you like — be it archeology or bowling — and show off the things you really know how to do. Passion is sexy, and meeting someone doing something you love is an easy transition into friendship and beyond. Even if your activities don’t provide an immediate love connection, at least you didn’t spend your afternoon watching cut scenes from Final Fantasy XII. College is the time to cultivate the best you that you can be, and that confidence will always pay off.

2. Get classy.

Being involved in your classes is a great way to meet people as well as boost your GPA. Speak up in discussions. It gives you a chance to show off what you know as well as an opportunity to interact with your classmates. If things get heated, ask him to go grab a cup of coffee to continue the conversation. Organize a study group before exams. It’s a good way to interact with your classmates in a less official capacity.

Try to avoid meeting in the library because you won’t be able to talk at a normal volume, plus no one looks good under fluorescent lighting. Suggest somewhere like a Starbucks or even a pub if it’s not going to interrupt your studying. Remember that you’re there to study, but it’s OK to be a little casual. Even if nothing romantic comes from your study session, at least you’ll have a chance to look at everyone else’s notes.

3. Help a sister out.

So you ended up spending an afternoon playing Final Fantasy and it’s still not really your thing? Maybe his “Star Trek” posters and ironic VHS tape collection would totally be your friend’s thing. Set them up. Keeping an ear to the ground for your favorite gals is the best way to encourage them to do the same for you. Friends see us with kinder eyes than we see ourselves and might recognize someone you would click with better than you can for yourself when not clouded by your own insecurities.

People love college because of the relationships they form, and only a few of those will be romantic. Don’t get too caught up in the dating game and forget the people that think you’re wonderful all the time, not just the first two dates.