Sex And Relationship Therapist Isiah Mckimmie Share How Couples Can Improve Their Sex Lives

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Sex and Relationship Therapist Isiah McKimmie Share How Couples Can Improve Their Sex Lives 

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Sex and relationship therapist Isiah McKimmie is passionate about helping couples achieve sexual freedom in their relationships. From one-on-one sessions to fun blogs and podcasts, Isiah leads couples to a harmonious relationship filled with long-lasting intimacy and healing. 

Sex is a sensitive topic that most couples avoid discussing. I get it, but keeping your relationship problems hidden and unresolved is not good for anyone. It’s helpful to seek professional counseling and therapy when you and your partner are struggling with intimacy. 

According to recent research, 99% of couples who attended therapy said that it had a positive effect on their relationships. 

Picture of Isiah McKimmie.
Isiah McKimmie has helped couples for over a decade.

Isiah McKimmie, a sex and relationship therapist, said she opened her practice in hopes of providing couples with the proper tools to build a strong sex life. Isiah told us that she often sees a pattern where couples will reach out for help several years after they first start experiencing problems in their relationship. Getting professional help from the very beginning when you’re experiencing problems with intimacy can truly make or break a relationship. 

“We don’t hesitate to reach out to someone if we don’t know fully what to do with our finances. We will go to see an accountant or a financial advisor. If something doesn’t sound right in our car, we’ll take it to the mechanic without even thinking that we should be experts or we should know what to do with it,” said Isiah. 

Isiah encourages her clients to get comfortable seeking help when sexual challenges arise in their relationships. Isiah’s goal is to support couples as best as she possibly can through the ups and downs of love. She has a hand-picked team by her side who are just as eager to see couples thrive. 

Improving Sex Lives One Conversation at a Time

One conversation can change the course of a relationship. A lot of people struggle in their relationships because they overthink or make assumptions instead of asking their partner for clarity. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in couples therapy, it’s that clarifying questions can truly help you understand your partner. 

As a relationship expert, Isiah leads couples to a path where they can learn how to become better communicators and listeners. Believe it or not, communication is key to a healthy sex life. Being able to communicate your sexual needs or dislikes is what makes sex worthwhile. Isiah said that sex is misunderstood and people lack sex education and it backfires in their relationship. Isiah and her team focus on how couples can strengthen their communication with one another so they’re able to properly put in the effort to please and make time for one another sexually. 

“The biggest mistake we make is thinking that relationships and sex are natural. So it should just happen and we should just know what to do and it should just be great. Rather than recognizing that great relationships and great sex, require skills that can be learned, we’re not just all expected to know it,” said Isiah.

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Couples learn how to become better partners and lovers with Isiah’s assistance.

Isiah said she reminds her clients that they’re not dealing with a sexual problem but rather a relationship problem. Life’s stressors, shame, or arguments within the relationship may strain a couple’s sexual relations. The only thing that can solve such an issue is communication. Trying to address and talk about these issues head-on is how couples can move forward. 

“Thank you for making this process, which could have been much more uncomfortable, as easy as possible. We feel connected now and it’s more fun. Initiating sex feels easier and pleasure comes easier,” said Laura, one of Isiah’s clients in a testimonial

Creating Strategies to Move Forward

For starters, sex shouldn’t be something that feels like a daunting task and a lot of pressure. It should be a mutually pleasurable act. Anything outside of that is where couples start to feel a little shaky in their relationship. Sex is something you have to put effort into doing when you’re in a relationship.

Isiah McKimmie
Isiah continues to share her wisdom on relationships and sex across all platforms.

How you are sexually in your relationship may look different 10 years from now –– and that’s OK! Isiah and her team work with clients to create strategies on how they can improve their sex lives and identify ways to support their partner as well. Keep in mind that an imbalance in sexual desires in a relationship is something a couple should pay attention to, but it isn’t a cry for help just yet.  

Isiah said that people with high sexual desires often feel frustrated and rejected when their partner isn’t all over them, whereas partners with lower sexual desires deal with shame and guilt knowing they aren’t at the same level as their partner and perhaps are making them feel unhappy. Isiah works with couples to create a plan where they can meet each other halfway in the bedroom. This also includes acts beyond sex such as flirtatious comments or physical touch. 

“Very often people will kind of make the mistake of thinking they have to buy a sex toy. Or assume they have to have sex at least once a week and it just doesn’t work. It’s not sustainable over the long term. It’s important for couples to be holistic in their relationship and make sex a priority within that,” said Isiah. 

Isiah McKimmie Has Helped Couples for Over a Decade

Relationship success starts when two people are ready to put in the extra effort to make it work. And with Isiah and her team supporting you, there’s no doubt you will reach that. Isiah has been in the business for over a decade and is proud to say that real change has manifested under her leadership. Couples feel sexually rejuvenated and more secure with Isiah’s help. 

podcast screenshot
Isiah’s podcast are available for people to listen to at any time.

And if you’re on the fence about therapy, that’s no biggie! Outside of counseling, Isiah’s blogs and podcasts are available for couples to check out at any time. The blogs — which range in topics from learning how to introduce sex toys into your relationship to learning how to break sexual routines — are available for you and your partner to read. 

We can expect more from Isiah and her team in the near future. She mentioned that they are working on two projects, one of which will help couples at home learn important tools for their relationship in three key areas: connection, communication, and sexual intimacy. And then there will be sexual and relationship training available as well. 

“Isiah and her team have made a huge difference to our lives. I’m no longer concerned about our relationship. It’s a huge relief. I would 100% recommend you, Isiah. I believe you’re the best therapist and coach in Australia,” said one of Isiah’s clients in a review.