We Hit It Off, But Then There Was a Decline. Should I Give It A Shot?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

There is this guy I knew when I was in middle and high school. We started talking again about two years ago (10 years had passed). I found out his wife committed suicide and left him alone with his children.

We seemed to hit it off, but then there was a decline. I went back and forth to see him a few times, but I believe there was a strain as we live in different states.

We stopped talking for about a month or two. Now he has revealed to me he was thinking about a relationship with me but wasn’t sure.

Should I give it a shot?

-Ann (New Jersey)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Ann,

You should give it a shot only if you are ready to have a relationship with his children, too.

Dating parents is a very serious business. And, frankly, the kids’ emotional health is the most important thing here.

If your heart is big enough to embrace this widower and his grieving children, then I say go for it.

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