What Turns Men Off?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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The prettiest girl in the room can be the least desirable if she has habits that repel men. There are things at every stage of romance that men find to be turn-offs. But let’s concentrate on the things that turn men off in the early stages of meeting and dating.

Yes, it’s the 21st century, but men still want a lady. Cursing like a sailor, smoking, getting drunk and dressing or acting like a slut will not endear you to many men. Flirting with every guy you see and wearing way too much makeup or perfume can also make him forget those romantic desires that usually keep him focused on you.

Extremes are also a turn-off. Incessant talking begins to sound like horrible noise after a while, but too much silence with nothing to say might make you seem boring. Being clingy and possessive drives men crazy, but being obsessed with yourself or uninterested in anything he does also makes you unappealing.

Rebuffing his first kiss after a magical night that led him to believe you liked him a lot, even if it’s because of some hard and fast code you follow, will throw a bucket of cold water on the romance. But being too eager and willing too soon will eliminate the hunt that makes him feel like you are a worthwhile catch.

Too much public affection too soon is also a turn-off. Of course, men don’t like negative things — nagging, bad hygiene, stupidity and inexplicable tears, for instance.

And don’t say one thing if you mean the opposite…and don’t expect him to read your mind…and don’t tell him you’re fine when you’re really mad…and don’t laugh at his shirt…and don’t talk about your ex all night long…and…