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WP Diamonds Helps Newly Single Clients Sell Their Rings After a Relationship Ends

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The Short Version: Not every engaged or married couple lasts forever, and one of the most lingering reminders of those failed unions are engagement rings. Many singles who have just come out of long-term relationships don’t want to hang on to those memories. WP Diamonds is a luxury jewelry buyer that makes the experience of selling those items seamless and rewarding. Another couple can use the ring, which is a boon to the environment, and the process allows new singles to let go of a keepsake that carries an emotional burden.

Divorce isn’t easy, but it is still reasonably common in the United States.

The US divorce rate for a first marriage is around 41%, and those unions typically last for eight years, according to Hampton Roads Legal Services.

Couples in their second or third marriages are even more likely to divorce. About 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages don’t last.

The top five reasons for divorce include communication problems, infidelity or betrayal, financial problems, loss of interest, and psychological, emotional, and physical abuse, according to the report.

Some engaged couples never make it to the altar. Around 20% of engagements are broken before the wedding.

When those relationships end, it can cause plenty of soul searching. It also may result in a situation new singles never thought they’d encounter — deciding what to do with the engagement or wedding ring.

Some may want to keep the ring, as it still evokes fond memories. Others transform their diamonds into other jewelry pieces, including earrings or a necklace.

Many others decide to sell their rings, and they can turn to WP Diamonds to handle the resale with class and compassion.

The WP Diamonds logo
WP Diamonds helps clients easily sell unwanted engagement rings and wedding bands.

“Our mission is to make selling luxury goods a fast, safe, simple, and transparent process,” said Ella Morgan, Head of Marketing at WP Diamonds.

Andrew Brown originally founded WP Diamonds in 2012 as a wholesale business that purchased goods from pawnbrokers and retail jewelers. He quickly saw a need for an alternative approach to how those shops treated sellers who wanted to liquidate their jewelry.

Now, WP Diamonds takes a graceful and discreet approach to helping clients sell their unwanted jewelry and other luxury goods online. That can help them move on, both financially and personally.

“Starting fresh after a previous marriage can be expensive, but that’s the price you pay for freedom. If lawyers and long court battles sucked your savings dry, sell the ring and use the money to kick-start this new chapter in your life. If you don’t need the cash, consider donating the money to a worthy cause. What once was a symbol of not-so-happy times can be turned into a symbol of hope and freedom for someone else,” Brides.com advised new singles in a post.

Purchasing Rings Directly With No Middleman

Today, WP Diamonds is a high-end alternative for individuals selling diamonds, luxury jewelry, watches, sneakers, and handbags.

Users begin by sharing information about their jewelry on the site’s Price Quote Tool to sell an engagement or wedding ring. The tool considers the type of ring, cut, clarity, color, and the number of carats.

Next, the company’s experts call or email the seller once they determine a price quote for the jewelry. WP Diamonds then provides free and fully insured shipping to send the items in. Sellers can also schedule an in-person appointment in New York City, London, Hong Kong, or Tokyo.

WP Diamonds banner
Sellers can get a quote online or bring their jewelry to a WP Diamonds location.

“If things don’t work out, we send your items back to you free of charge and fully insured. There is never any obligation to sell,” reads a post on the company’s website.

After WP Diamonds receives the ring, it wires the money or sends a check to the seller.

“We believe in the power of the circular economy. Selling your unwanted luxury goods and buying pre-owned is the most sustainable and eco-friendly practice available,” Ella told us.

Fair Prices and Thoughtful Customer Service

Singles may worry that a company will try to take advantage of them during a stressful time after a divorce or failed engagement. But WP Diamonds has a fairness guarantee that ensures peace of mind.

“We believe in honest price quotes, no hidden fees or commissions. Whether you sell to our experts online or in person, our service is always free of charge,” Ella told us.

The company maintains price transparency by buying directly from sellers, one of the key differentiators from other luxury buyers. That also means the entire selling process can take as little as 24 hours.

Customers appreciate WP Diamonds prices, speed, and customer service. The company holds a 4.7 out of 5 star Trustpilot rating and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Google.

Photo of WP Diamonds jewelry
Sellers and customers trust WP Diamonds for its responsive service and fair prices.

“We understand that selling your luxury items online can feel daunting. As such, each customer is paired with a dedicated client representative on hand to answer any of their questions at any point,” Ella told us.

Many ring sellers note their satisfaction with the WP Diamonds process in online testimonials.

“I was impressed at how easy the process of selling my wedding ring was. By far the easiest part of getting a divorce. The offer was fair and I was completely satisfied. Zachary was very helpful and a pleasure to work with,” one seller wrote.

“This was my first time selling any jeweler and boy was it easy. Many thanks to Mark, who was very professional, responsive and trustworthy. Answered my questions in a timely fashion and I received my funds within 24 hours as promised. I will use WP Diamond again and have also referred my family and friends to Mark. Thank you, Mark!” another added.

WP Diamonds Offers Economic and Emotional Benefits

After broken engagements or divorces, some new singles need the money from a ring sale to start their new lives. Others want to remove the painful reminder from their homes.

“Selling your engagement ring, or other jewelry, to WP Diamonds after a breakup can have both emotional and financial benefits. Rather than leaving it to gather dust in a drawer, why not sell it on and put the money to good use?” Ella told us.

Some divorcees may want to go a step further and sell other mementos from their relationship. WP Diamonds accepts fine jewelry, luxury watches, purses, or even sneakers.

“If you are ready to let go of physical reminders of the relationship, it can be a cathartic move that helps you put the past behind you,” said Ella.

Some women describe the emotional benefits they discovered after selling their wedding rings. Others used the money to retain attorneys, buy Christmas gifts, and renovate their bathrooms. No matter what they use the money for, leaving those memories behind can help them move along on their new path freely.